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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

when we first decided on the glam clam for our christmas night out, it was kind of decided for us that it would be a 'dressy' affair. i mean, you can absolutely ~not go to something with "glam" in the name. and not dress up, right? this left me in a pickle though. as someone who wears a dress every damn day, "dressing up" means something different to me than to someone who lives a life of jeans and tees, you know?

dressing up for the christmas party recently was a stretch for me - sequins and leather were as glam as i could do under pressure, but i absolutely could ~not wear the same outfit twice in two weeks (what would people think!). so because i don't own a lot of other super sparkly pieces, most of saturday was spent trying on dresses i haven't worn in ages, and working out how to make them ~glamorous.

the last time i wore this scuba dress from asos was for laura's wedding back in feb. the neoprene fabric has a slight sheen to it, so the dress itself is already a little glitzy, and so because of that it's not one i get a lot of wear out of. also it's a little boxy; the box pleats that form the skirt are really rather thick because of the weight of the fabric, so it kind of juts out and makes the dress a liiiiittle unflattering. that was kind of ok, and i wanted something loose fitting anyway, as we were out for dinner first and i knew i'd want my food baby to be comfortable. which it was.

as sparkly as the dress on its own was, it was definitely missing something. as i hunted around my room for the perfect accessory to complete the look, my eyes fell upon my dresser. a dresser full of crap; disused candles, empty boxes of paracetamol, a jar of fairy lights that don't work, and a cake stand full of hair accessories i haven't worn in months. accessories that i haven't worn because suddenly my hair kind of stands out on its own. 

dress : asos | hair bow : crown & glory | boots : asos

one accessory in particular though, almost seemed to blend in to my hair, while still kind of standing out. which.. was exactly what i was after! so, with the addition of the hair sparkles, i was set to go. i was comfortable, dressy, and a little bit jazzy - which in my world, is about as glam as it gets.

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