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29 March 2013

five ten things

wahey! another long bloody weekend! stoked! this weekend boyfriend and i are off to cardiff with bex and lp to meet the ever sassy laura of what laura did - and to make friends with another new city. we'll be on a train just after lunch today, and back on monday, ready to regale you with the wonders of wales! until then, have a fab easter - don't die of chocolate poisoning! for now, please find ten things that've made me smile this week... five whole things dedicated to mean girls. just... cos.

1. well, cos it's been a mean girls kinda week. first, i saw some mean girls prints (somewhere - did you show me?) about a week ago on instagram (i think!?) and wanted them so badly but couldn't find the source. then i had a hunt around and found these etsy ones that were pretty close, but then thought - i'm not paying $15 for a digital image with no print out! so i had a word with kimmy my love who is so clever and smart and nice, and she managed to knock me up one of my very own! pleased as punch, me. god bless school holidays.

2. then, something happened on twitter, and bre vlogged about it. and it made me think... yeah. there are a lot of mean girls out there making us small-time bloggers fear for our lives and wonder where and how they get all the power to be so... snobby? this is a community, ladies! we're here because of you, so be grateful not spiteful. (make sure to read the links bre's posted too - they're important to the back story!)

3. i then saw our good friend lilo has refused any sentences that require her to be locked up/in rehab during the two weekends of coachella (music festival, duh). and a judge agreed. my word. then, rachel mcadams broke up with michael sheen, and now  (according to my brain), she's going to break ryan gosling and eva mendes up so that they can get back together and live happily ever after. they'll live next door to ryan reynolds and blake lively in small town canada, and they'll all only make small budget and indie films (that will always require him to be shirtless), and raise little vegan babies and grow organic beans and probably release a blues album... what was i even saying? oh yeah, this.

4. while i was perusing mean girls quotes, i found this bit from the guardian, that quotes amanda seyfried as saying that mean girls was her 'best work'. i mean, that girl has done some deep stuff and yet, 'on wednesdays we wear pink' was her best work? thatta girl...!

5. mean girls fact of the day: amy poehler is only seven years older than rachel mcadams - who plays her daughter in the movie. rachel is eight years older than lindsay, who at 17 at the time, was the only plastic still young enough to be playing a high schooler by the time the film was released. also, did you know that lindsay was originally cast as regina george, but didn't want her young fans to associate her with being a 'bitch'. good call. i mean, being a drunk, promiscuous thief is a setting a much better example.

6. who doesn't love pom poms?! thankfully, autumn a.k.a gyspybeee here helps us out with this easy-as diy. those colours! i adore her blog, so pretty and clean...

7. hey, did you know this print was called toile? me either!

8. she's baaaaack! having taken some time off after the loss of pretty hypatia, kate is back in the swing of things with new adopted pal arriety - cute! not to mention that dress. *swoon!

9. these. are. so. pretty! i am always playing with my fonts, and now i want to again. sadly, that will mean major overhaul, as i have labelled just about everything here... thoughts?

10. kim tweeted me this pic during the week, after our earlier discussions of digital prints and the lyric and the colour.. well really, everything about this screams erica! thank you kim!

don't forget the birthday giveaway.. happy easter guys!