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5 March 2013


i bought this shirt a few weeks back when kim and i went to judy's vintage fair at spitalfields - reduced to a fiver. that vintage collar alone was worth that, so without a second thought i handed over my note and merrily went on my way. then instantly forgot about. until, this week just gone when i desperately needed a pop of colour to brighten up this monochrome hounds tooth number that is getting a bit tired. well, this combination could not have gone down any better; compliments were thrown about all day, and considering how mopey i'd been all week, it well and truly cheered me up. it's damn near impossible to be moody in neon pink.

the shirt is too big, so the sleeves kinda puff-balled and i could just about fit my whole head back through the collar - even when i was done up. but, with my dirty, greasy hair in a bouffant thing (i call it my hair croissant), the hounds tooth fit+flare dress and my glasses on at work, i rightly looked like a sixties secretary. 

and there are worse things than that. amiright?