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w.i.w.t :: blue fan-atic

we got home from the airport verrrry early on tuesday morning, and then spent the whole of the day in bed relaxing. we caught up on all of our shows, and ate just about all of the biscuits in the house, and when i did finally roll out of bed to hunt and gather food, i decided i had nothing to wear.

i flung open the wardrobe and started scouting some options. i soon became very aware of something i had never noticed before... i own a lot of blue. i'm so gender biased, i know, but... blue is for boys. i hate blue. how could this happen? i pulled all the blue items out and realised something... they're all stinkin' adorable and that's why i own them all.

excuse the head shot. i asked boyfriend to snap these before the hair and make up were done, as we were losing light quickly (it was nearing 5:30pm at this stage). i've been looking for a pinny; something i can wear this pastel pink shirt under, and suddenly realised that the shirt looks just fab with this oriental inspired dress that's been hanging unloved in my wardrobe since last year... winner! i love the pink fans and cherry blossom tree pattern on this. it's so... strange, considering the fit and flare, and even the petticoat built in underneath. it's so unique, i just love it!

dress :: label lounge at new look
shirt//tights//pumps :: primark


  1. I love this outfit! That dress really is something special, isn't it!

  2. Lol @ your flower head. A good look for Spring. Which started today incidentally. So NOW you're allowed to go outside with bare arms. But... don't. It's cold.

  3. You have such perfect style.

  4. That dress is so adorable, the fan pattern is so cute!


  5. Please do an ootd with the blue dress with the pink flowers on! its gorgeous :) - lifestyle blog.

  6. That dress is gorge. I laughed when I read this as I distinctly remember you telling me how much you hated blue when we went shopping. Someone has changed her tune.... :)

  7. In the third picture its looking so gorgeous.Thanks for sharing.

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