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16 March 2013

time travel:: budapest day two

hello from poland! while we're away, why don't you continue reading about our last european jaunt to budapest! we will be back in a few more days, until then... enjoy!

so that first night was rough. we had complimentary breakfast, and a warm shower, which was something of a bonus, and a decent way to start another cooooold day. we headed out and about that day to see the sights of the city. boyfriend knew how to get to the metro, but i was keen to walk - to get my bearings and to see all that budapest had to offer. we walked, and walked and walked... and budapest really is a lovely city. you can really see a slice of the turkish culture right there in the middle of europe. really, really pretty.

and cold. did i mention how cold it was? well it was. tights, leggings, socks, tube skirt (to keep the bum warm), long tee, long sleeve dress, jumper, coat, scarf, two pairs of gloves and a beanie. and still cold. and, after a day in the cold, epic cold burn all over my legs.

we discovered the christmas markets, the beautiful bridges and headed up to buda castle on the top of the banks of the danube. we took a cable car to the top, then walked around the beautiful gardens, watched the changing of the guards at midday, and had tea (terrible tea) in a little cafe at the very top. we wandered and wandered until about 4pm when we had to take shelter back in our less than warm 'hotel room'. i think we napped then, not willing to head back out into the minus weather, but on the way back to the room we did pick up some cheap beer and snacks, and made ourselves comfortable... until dinner, when we stumbled into the closest chinese restaurant we could find. not because it was chinese, because it was the closest restaurant we could find.

it was yum. not only because it was yum, but because it was. you always know a good chinese is good when it's full of chinese people. this one was. did i mention it was good? *droool after our dinner, we retired to the room with more cheap beer and watched 'that's my boy' on boyfriend's iphone. it was hard, but we did it. anything for a bit of andy samburg. 

legs and eyes were tired that night. and sore.