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25 March 2013

the a to z of me :: k

k is for kidston, as in cath...

never in my life have i walked into one single shop, and wanted to move in. honestly.
being from the other side of the planet, i'd not heard of the brand until i moved to the uk... how could you keep that from me? but seriously, i had strange priorities back in australia, like... an offline, real life that didn't revolve around me reading 400 uk lifestyle blogs on a daily basis, so you'll have to forgive my ignorance to your british brilliance.
my first cath kidston experience was through a friend at work who - like me, has a fetish for florals. she was carrying this amazing oil cloth tote that i just had to have. well i say that, but sadly my adoration of the brand and my ability to part with shedloads of money are not cohesive ideas, so the closest i came to that particular oil cloth tote was in the after christmas sales when i scored a cloth book bag, amaaaaazing sewing basket and small other bits and pieces - all for a bargain, and all paid for by my mother (merry christmas ma!). lucky me! this, of course, does not stop the regular trips into covent garden to touch all the pretty things, and smell all the lovely oil cloth bags...
cath kidston is quintesentially british; from the sweet floral prints to the vintage inspired home decor, everything about it is right by me. when i buy a little cottage in the cotswolds with my euromillions winnings, i shall ask ms kidston to come and decorate.
i shall be asking for a discount, but i will make her a cuppa. from her own tea pot. standard.