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28 March 2013

there's no place like home

as some of you know, boyfriend and i currenly live in a less-than-ideal situation; what was once a 2 bedroom flat with a monday to friday lodger and ridiculously cheap rent, has now become us renting the second bedroom with a live-on (mental) landlady.

she's nice enough, but... no. she's loud, unthoughtful, and brings people (different men - i don't judge, but we don't feel comfortable with that) home with her a lot. our flat is small, and it's become increasingly difficult living with her. she has incredibly high cleaning standards, yet is the untidiest person i've ever met. she digs through our rubbish to sort the recyclable from the garbage. our rubbish. she only buys food that is out of date or getting there, and will eat our leftovers or aged veggies from the fridge without asking (sometimes off our plates!). she is in her mid thirties, and has no job. lord knows how she affords her lifestyle. well, i mean, we pay her mortgage of course, and chicken coujons from the discount bin are hardly expensive, but she just came back from a 8 week holiday in south africa.

no. it's unbearable, and boyfriend and i have had enough. but, we've been saving to get to australia for ever, and with our yearly bonus, we've been able to do that. we always said once we had been to aus, we would look for somewhere new. well, we can wait no longer. with this tickets bought (thanks mum!), we looked. and looked, and looked.

we found a cute flat. near our friends, close to lots of travel. closer to work. it's not perfect, but it's in the right price range and it ticks lots of boxes. biggest box ticked: it's 1 bedroom. biggest box left unticked: it's unfurnished, and we have no furniture.

our friends and family have been amazing; offering us help and used furniture. i think everyone knows how much it means for us to get out of there. it got me thinking though.. having no furniture could be a good thing. i mean, we'd need a mattress at least straight away, but living with not much will mean we appreciate what we do have and would mean we could buy stuff we like and we love.

so with that in mind, here is what my dream furniture would resemble. boyfriend disagrees, naturally. his would be all brown, to match the walls (puke).

i could definitely have made it more pink, i think. but how much do you want thata fridge? yes, a lot.