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1 March 2013

five things

happy friday - and pay day - all! I dutifully assume you've all spent the night out shopping like i did last night and charged up the whole pastel department of forever21. just me? oh. (but.. this, this, and this [similar], right?)

1. did you hear about my coming second in a competition run by bloglovin' and groupon, and being awarded £250 worth of groupon credit? you didn't? well i did! i used my credit on a holiday for boyfriend and i, cos we're saving so hard to go to australia later this year for one of my favourites' weddings, and we're not sure if we'll get any other vay-cays. so, to reward ourselves, we're off to warsaw, poland! have you been? tell me fun things to see and do - i can't wait to check out the old town and see these adorable coloured buildings!

2. don't you just love puppies? puppies are adorable. how do you feel about the irish? love them too? yep, thought so. check out loca the irish pug. he just can't fecking run!

3. remember the slutty brownies? well how about a five layer cookie cake? (you're welcome)

4. OMG. kaylah wearing this dress with that coat. THIS COAT. i need that coat. it's like, all of the ice cream-melty perfection! it's a must! SHOUTING!

5. i know i go on about kate's amazing outfits week after week, but have you stopped by her store sweet and lovely? you should. it contains such wonderful things as this and these and this here print, which about sums up my whole outlook on life, especially after my spree last night:
it should be noted that this pic came directly out of kate's wardrobe. of which i am desperately saddened now because, girlfriend has got me wanting all of the pastel things. more than usual, anyway... who have you got wardrobe envy of? please don't say me; i shop at primark. stop kidding yourself.

ps. the urbal gal giveway ends tomorrow - winner announced next week - enter here!