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24 July 2013

panache lingerie :: review

when panache asked if i'd be interested in reviewing something from their range, how could i say no? i've always been big-busted, so to try a delicate set from their D-K sized lingerie seemed perfect, as i don't really splurge on things like this myself. after checking out their lingerie and swimwear range, i chose this coral elsa balconette set to try out. i instantly loved the colour, and how pretty the lace detail was on the model, and looked forward to giving the set a go!

i've never had a problem buying bras before moving to the uk; i've been a standard 12C in australia and new zealand for as long as i can remember, but i've had nothing but problems finding bras to fit here in the uk. i imagine that has more to do with the increased back size and two bigger cupsizes i've developed in the last two years than anything else. i'm told i'm now a 'comfortable' 36DD. comfortable? no love, no i'm not.

i don't really know where to buy proper underwear either. high street chain stores seemed to only cater for single cup sizes, oddly, and all the 'larger sizes' (a great marketing approach there, world, well done.) always seem to be all so matronly and unattractive - don't get me wrong, i do love a sturdy strap and 3-hook catch, but i don't like lycra t-shirt bras or shiny cropped things that double as exercise wear. just, no. then there's the celebrity flavour-of-the-month who's released their sumptuous range of over-priced but not realistically designed for bigger busts (but always pretty!) range.

needless to say, panache - a brand that caters specifically to a bigger-busted woman, without a shred of spandex in sight, already had five stars in my book. then this arrived, complete with some complimentary nail art and a four-pack of opi nail polish (they win, end review!)...
the first thing i noticed about the bra is that it was un-padded. i do love a padded bra. not necessarily for the push-up side of things, but i do like how a bit of padding fills out your set. i found that once i had this on, i was very... unprotected. you could actually see my nipple through the top section of the bra! i also felt all a bit too... pointy. with a tight tee on, my shape was definitely different, and it all came down to the lack of padding i think. the straps were the perfect width and not annoyingly tight or rubby, but i did find after a hot day out in the sun, i had a few bra lines. no more than normal, but there none the less.

because of the delicateness of the cups and lack of padding, the top of the cups were a bit floppy by the end of the day. i definitely didn't feel like i was being looked after upstairs, i felt a bit droopy and like i could notice a bit more bounce than normal. in my mind, a balconette has a very 40's/50's vibe that pushes up from the bottom to give shape, unlike a plunge that pushes in for cleavage. this is a balconette but without padding, it gives no support or shape anywhere.

the straps were comfortable, and the fit was really, really good. minimal back fat, even on the tightest fit. my only gripe was in the cup. i will absolutely wear the set again, just not without something form fitting or with a vest to cover the visible nipple slip. the underwear fit like a dream too, especially after the mishap i had buying accidental granny pants on the weekend... these were comfy and didn't ride anywhere, plus the delicate lace wasn't irritable on my bikini line in the sun, which is always a bonus!
*sorry for the boob shots. they're... for evidence?* so thank you to panache for giving me a chance to try their gorgeous elsa range. i definitely would think about trying a different style - one that would support me the way i prefer, but i would absolutely recommend them to all those big bosoms ladies out there.

have you tried panache before? do you think you would now?

*written in collaboration with brand*

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  1. I understand when you say you felt unsupported. Maybe I'm just used to a little padding too but I felt a bit triangular.

  2. Half expected to be welcomed by a full body shot of you in your undies. Bit disappointed it didn't happen ;) haha

    Luckily I am not one of the 'larger' sizes due to having a small back size (30) despite having a 'normal' cup size (D) (just told you my bra size there, you're basically my boyfriend now) but weirdly I still find it near impossible to find the right size anywhere. Nunga nungas are such a ballache aren't they, why can't retailers just cater for all sizes?

    In other news, this set is pretty. You have good taste in lingerie. I bet the mister was pleased ;) ;) x

  3. I have a very regular 10C bra size, but I kinda wish I was bigger busted just so I could buy Panache! I've seen so many of their reviews lately, all quite positive and their sets are so pretty! xx

    1. chicken fillets or a boob job in singapore asap!

  4. Luckily enough I can often find something in my size in regular stores. But I like the look of this one :)



  5. Ooh Im a huge fan of pretty underwear! However it is a bugger to wear under anything, even when you are small chested (take my word for it). Such a gorgeous colour set you chose xx


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