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3 July 2013

birthday boy

today is that ginger-bearded man's 27th birthday. for said ginger-bearded man's birthday present, i was at a loss. he doesn't ever want for anything, and is so extremely picky, so very rarely does he get anything. it's so bad, that our recent anniversary came and went without a reciprocated gift from me to him. so, as his birthday edged nearer and nearer, i started to panic. coincidentally, boyfriend's birthday falls right around the mid-year sales. this usually sees me pick up new trainers or jeans or pants for him as a fail-safe present. boys always need those things, right? well this year, as it turns out, he had other plans...

for months, he's been going on about getting a tattoo. he never really knew what tattoo he wanted, but he knew it was going to happen soon. as soon as i offered to pay for it for his birthday (thus taking all of the pain and suffering out of the decision making for me), he was the one panicking. ideas were tossed around for days, quotes and consultations, emails were sent back and forth with multiple artists. and then, it was booked.

we headed to 13 tattoos in soho on thursday night, and met with george - their twenty year old apprentice; a shy but eager dude. his nervousness was off-puting at first. but, as soon as he and boyfriend started chatting about the piece, you could see his confidence levels rise. boyfriend sat in that chair for two hours, and according to him, experienced a steady pain level of 'two out of ten' the whole time. i sat and watched the whole thing, fascinated. 
the finished piece looks so good, and he is so pleased with it. he hasn't stopped looking/talking about/touching it since he got it, and if you follow my instagram, you'll have seen the evidence of that. i'm glad i was finally able to get him a gift that he really loves, but, the only problem is... now i want one.

happy birthday, boyfriend.

next one's on you.

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  1. That's a nice tattoo, and it's a great idea for a birthday present. I think boys are so much harder to buy for than girls



    1. tell me about. especially supposed fashionista ones. can't buy him anything without needing sign off these days!

  2. Aww such a cute story, E!! Congrats to boyfriend on breaking his tatty cherry too :)
    Mandatory fair warning time, Sweets - once you start, it's hard to stop (says the gal who just got #7 and is already saving for #8... oops)
    Good on you guys for giving the apprentice a run too - he did a good job!
    Mwah xxx

    1. yep the apprentice did a really great job - we definitely be back for more! he's paying next time! x

  3. Wow. Really nice tattoo - gorgeous color! What a lovely gift.

  4. This is the best gift ever. I've been given this gift and also given this gift. It looks awesome! Good choice on the image he picked. Also wanting a tattoo is never a problem. Just be warned once you get one you won't stop at one.

  5. Oh that is a brilliant idea! I would never have thought to pay for a tattoo! Makes me want to get one!

  6. It looks great! The drunk videos were a highlight on instagram for sure.


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