the a to z of me :: s

s is for style saver queen

you may well remember the summer style savers challenge i entered at the start of june. no? well the challenge was to create one summer-ready outfit for under £100. just one outfit. for less than £100. eaaaaasy. so, like some sort of mission extra-possible, i decided to re-set the bar on this challenge; aiming to create not one, but two outfits with my imaginary budget.

being the expert bargain hunter that i am, i totally nailed my self-set challenge, as you can see above. that's two complete outfits - including accessories and nail polish to boot, for a total cost of £96. eleven items, for less than one hundred great british pounds. not bad for an hours window shopping in my lunch break, i don't think! so, i entered the draw, and completely forgot about it.

that is, until i received an email today from the challenge organisers, that announced me as the winner.

i won! i bloody won! i am the summer style saver queen! 

sorry (not sorry) for bragging. but... i won!

and now i'm off shopping.