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25 July 2013

w.i.w.t :: give me a break

shirt :: primark // dress :: new look // basket :: h&m // necklace c/o everything i love

of the number of new blue dresses i own (who am i?), i can't wait for the weather to calm down to wear this one. chambray and lace, with sweetheart neckline and full skirt; it's heaven in a dress. i picked this up in the new look sale online for about six pounds. that's not even a lie. i had to get a smaller size as mine was sold out, but with the rouched back, it fits just fine. i bought it - and five other dresses (*gulp) on a thursday, and spent an anxious weekend tracking the order online until the following tuesday when i received the call at work; the parcelforce van was here! that night was a haze of trying on new dresses, throwing them to the ground in anger (the majority of them didn't fit...naturally!), then booking the return van for the following day. of the six dresses, i only kept two...

this gorgeous, peachy shirt was a recent primark purchase. i saw megan rocking a white one recently, and committed then and there to make sure i got one of my own. i grabbed this recently in my massive primark haul, and again, can't wait to wear it. especially teamed with the dress. the lazer cut out collar detail is so delicate and dainty - plus with the 3/4 sleeve, the shirt is just so damn feminine!

the sorbet yellow basket was an impulse buy, i won't lie. but, pastel, plastic and only a few quid from the h&m babies section, well... it was fate. i think it really gives this outfit a very soft, girly touch, and - although it's not really the most suitable form of handbag, it's adorable and i will definitely make use of it... for something! and this necklace from everything i love needs no introduction. it's the perfect finish for this outfit. it really dresses the outfit up and makes it seem more sophisticated... novel for me, i know!

please, mother nature, if you're reading this, could you please give us enough respite so that i can wear this outfit just once.

*written in collaboration with brand*

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  1. I love that outfit combo. The chambray and the lace is my fave! :) There's no way in heck that I could wear anything like that in Texas. It's hellish.

    1. it's been hawt here too, lady. hence no pics of me actually wearing it. one day though. one day...

  2. That yellow basket is absolutely stunning!!! XX


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