sleep-in rollers :: review

i have such lacklustre hair. no matter what i do, it always ends up the same; flat and limp. i even struggle with curling tongs, so the only real 'styling' thing i can master is a straightener. even then, i'm likely to burn an ear or finger, so i usually just let it dry naturally, spritz it with some leave-in malarkey and hope for the best. i even get a compliment or two on occasion, so i guess it's not all bad.

but, when i was offered a pack of sleep-in rollers to review - worn by the bouncy-bouffant likes of miss amy childs and the desperate scousewives, i thought it could be worth a try. plus, the whole website is pink. i was sold.

instead of the regular large sleep-in rollers, i received the emergency curly blow kit (£24.99* but sold out i think, as i can't find the actual link anymore...). the kit came with one full weft of ready-curled, shiny and bouncy clip in hair (not my colour sadly; a gorgeous rich auburn, but i'm told you can dye them! hurrah!), a pack of ten smallish, squishy velcro rollers and a small pouch of hair grips, to hold the rollers in place through the night. before i started, i watched this tutorial to get some sort of game plan. and then i attempted it myself...

needless to say, it was not a very successful start! once i'd pulled that sucker (and a chunk of my hair!) out from around the roller, i tried using less hair. i know i am fairly uncoordinated, but... i really struggled to wind these things into my hair! like, bits of hair would fall out all over the place, and get tangled, so i tried using less hair. then i ran out of rollers. 

i then tried sectioning my hair into layers, thinking that all the length would be the same. i had a bit more luck that way, but as my rollers are a diff size to those in the vid, i still wasn't able to get all my hair into the rollers. i guess i must have a lot of hair? then i read a review of the kit (to get some perspective) that said the rollers in the pack are for the clip-in hair, for when it drops and you want to revive the curls, not to be used in your own hair. so, i referred to the instructions...

and found them to be pretty commonsensical - the part about which direction to roll them was handy, but generally, despite following these step-by-step, i really struggled getting these in my hair. needless to say, i did not wear them to bed, so i can't comment on their comfort while sleeping. i did leave them in for a few hours while lounging around, trying to cool down, but... i didn't see a difference in my hair. certainly not to the bouncy, bouffant standard i had envisioned. 

i think probably i need to give up on self-styling my barnett, and leave it to my personal hairdresser... oh wait. well, maybe one day. i really like the clip in hair though, so i reckon i will definitely use that again. you guys know how much i love a wig! the hair is not too dissimilar from my own colour, especially now that i've dyed it again, so i'm pretty sure i could get away with blending that in!

*wish me luck*

have you tried these sleep-in rollers? what did you think?

*written in collaboration with brand*