w.i.w.t :: vintage lover

shirt :: thrifted // skirt :: primark // shoes :: river island // headscarf :: thrifted // necklace c/o everything i love

this outfit made me feel a bit retro when i wore this out shopping on saturday. granted, the shirt and scarf were both actually thrifted in the week, but i felt like i was rocking some sort of vintage vibe with the tied shirt and tied hair... channeling my inner pin-up girl!

this necklace was kindly gifted to me by the babe'n chloe who runs everything i love boutique. i saw her wearing it out a few weeks back and swooned over it. it's so sparkly! so how lucky was i to receive one of my very own, hand delivered by her sister (my manager!) to my desk on friday morning? i squealed while opening the package, excited to see my newest piece of costume jewelry! it's every inch as perfect and shiny as i remember it being, and i instantly started thinking about what to wear it with...

it needs either a collar, or a clean neck. this heat though, calls for a collar. there's nothing worse than heavy jewelry sweating around your neck, no thank you. then i remembered the newest addition to my collared shirt collection - white, vintage and with a small collar to let the necklace be the focus. and my my, was it ever. the pictures do it no justice. it catches the sun and shimmers like a precious gem. lush.

have you ever checked out everything i love? you should, chloe has such amazing style, and buys only the most on-trend pieces for her shop. even better, her stuff is so affordable! not only that, she's offering you lovely lot 20% off everything you love with the code beingerica

away you go!