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6 July 2013

jamie's diner :: review

i've never eaten at any of jamie's restaurants, despite my adoration of just about everything that man touches, but i've been meaning to for ages. thankfully, it seems that lately, his pop-up restaurants seem to... well, pop-up, just about everywhere; so, as soon as i saw one take over a rib shack right by my work, i knew it was fate!

we headed off after work on boyfriend's birthday to jamie oliver's diner at piccadilly circus. at ground level was an old-fashioned hot-dog bar for take-away diners only, and then stairs up to the main attraction. from where we stood in the short line, we could see a giant t-rex hanging above the stairwell, and a bunch of novelty dinosaur prints adorning each of the walls. diner-saurs, get it! as we moved through the restaurant it was obvious that all of the decor was kitted out as a dinosaur theme. from the framed tea-rex art to the dino skulls hanging above the bar, everything has a quirky jurassic take on it. it was awesome!

we were seated right by the window, overlooking shaftsbury avenue. we devoured our giant (recycled) menus, while our super camp waiter checked out the shake of the day for me (chocolate and amaretto - no thanks!), then both settled on the chicken burger and fries. mine with added pulled pork and guacamole, boyfriend's with none of the original fillings and pulled pork. what a loser. i opted for a pink cola to wash mine down, while he ordered a beer.

our meals were with us in under twenty minutes. the menu advises that everything is cooked fresh and made to order; boyfriend's burger came with all but one of the filling's he'd asked to be removed, but mine came as ordered. the bun was fresh and bouncy, while the chicken was perfectly seasoned and cooked, with the exact right amount of charcoal for my taste. the pulled pork was to diiiiiie for, and i absolutely recommend having that as a side to errrrrrthang!

the burgers were so delicious, and only made better by the fresh, perfectly seasoned sides and 10-veg slaw. we tried to work out the 10 different veggies that went into the slaw, but could only identify six. the waiter was able to add two more to the mix, but the last two still elude us! (fyi - carrot, fennel, red + white cabbage, red onion, sweet potato, green apple, and corriander plus something else we can't put our finger on!) we were stuffed from the meals to even consider indulging in desert, although with options like new york baked cheesecake and hot fudge brownie, well... i was tempted!

we had a really great experience there, and it seemed like everyone else did too. the staff were all really friendly, and the prices were really good - value for money, and also high quality produce. i'd definitely go again, and would have no hesitation recommending it to anyone.

have you been? would you go?

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  1. This place looks fun! I am particularly fond of the Tea Rex poster!

  2. I would love to go to Jamie's Diner! I didn't even know he had a diner!! You have definitely inspired me to go though on my next trip to London!! I live in Manchester and Jamie has a restaurant up here, but like you I've never been to any despite loving him! Going to have to change that soon!

    Alexa Lauren Rose

  3. this looks so tasty, I've only been at Jamie's Italian and I had a really great meal there. definitely will be checking this one out too!

  4. I would definitely go - this place sounds delicious! Do you think it'll still be there when i'm over in August? Thanks for the review xx

  5. I would definitely go to this place - your photos are great and the food looks delicious! I'm coming over to London in August, I hope this place will still be there! xx

    1. i'm almost sure it will be - his pop up's tend to last a few months in each site :)


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