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19 July 2013

friday favourites

firstly, congrats to anna who won the charlotte musha giveaway earlier in the week... your prize should be en route to you right now - well done!! so, this week, around the bloggersphere...

kaelah shows us around her house, and the girl-crush explodes. charlotte makes me want to work in nottingham (why other than food-related reasons?), while elizabeth schools us in credit-iquette and wants to organise a blogger bootsale - check it out! oh - have you seen leona's new header by the adorable paige? stunning. and moi, over on summer's blog? meeeee!?

kelly's sparkling peach and thyme sorbet recipe looks delicious. as does joy's lemon ricotta waffles with poppy seeds. elsie and emma leave me droolin' with their trail mix cookie ice-cream sandwiches and l.c. shares an amazing summer salad while mrs thrifty leaves me wanting this lamb and lentil curry. om. nom.

feeling crafty? nouvelle daily shares a terrific chalkboard jar label d.i.y, while natasha made a gorgeous floral crown for herself... and now i want to try it! the how-to hair girl shows us how to wear those nifty head scarves, and i'm keen now to paint something white like ally and the girls of p.s. i made this. speaking of ally... have you seen her new shop? she's one busy lady!

this is what happened when kim and i met. deb's are having a 70% off sale, and you can take another 10% off with the code hm64 - get shopping, i bought this and this! i don't know about this. i'm more of an underwear person myself... speaking of extra discount (segway), office are giving an extra 20% off womens sale shoes at the mo, and i've got my eye on these and these. what about you? hey - it's hot in hurr. apparently, hotter than bali. *shrug* it's hot yo.

i have to share this with you. a couple of months back kim did a blog redesign for the gorgeous nat, and with that came her etsy shop. i'm in love, and a 'regular shopper'. this week i popped in and nabbed these adorable heart shaped cushions that she's been hard at work making, and they arrived on thursday and i fricken a-dorrrre them.
nat's shop is here!
have a great weekend guys!

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