w.i.w.t | the weather outside is weather

crown + shoes + bag : primark | shirt + skirt* : new look | lippy : kate moss for rimmel no. 16

youuuuuuu guuuuuuys it's so stupidly hot at the moment; i can't handle it anymore - not that i ever could, but there's a very good reason i left australia, and namely it was because of the never-ending heat. i will say this though, at least back home air conditioning comes as standard in domestic dwellings, and most houses will have roof fans for excellent air circulation too. it was 32 degrees on friday. 29 on saturday. it's barbaric to not have a/c in that sort of temperatures. last summer i was on the third floor as i am now, yes, but i also had windows on both sides of my flat making for excellent air flow. my new room has one smallish window, and only half of it opens! it's so unsatisfactory for a summer air flow situation. so unsatisfactory... especially as there's hardly any wind anyway.

i have been resorting to freezing towels before bed (genius idea) and sleeping with a cold towel instead of a blanket, and sleeping upside down in my bed so that my head is nearer the window in case a breeze decides to happen upon us. the storm the other night was the stuff nightmares are made off, yes, but you know what it did bring with it? rain! glorious, wet, rain! and a teeny tiny breeze too that meant a few hours of respite at about 4am on a friday morning. and then again at about 8am on a saturday morning. neither times were completely appropriate for a cracking storm, but... you gotta pick your battles around here.

i went online to buy a fan because it's all too much. wanna know something? the uk has sold out of fans. that's the situation we find ourselves in guys - the uk can't keep up with the demand for desk fans. it's getting out of hand; actually out of hand now. i've had quite enough of this. happy to resume regularly scheduled weathering whenever you are, mother nature dear. you've had a laugh. come on now, love.

what excellent tips do you have to share with me for this here heat wars?
leave them in the comment below. for the love of god.