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30 September 2014

w.i.w.t | how to wear : bubblegum pink (part one)

you guys know i am a pink girl. like, all year 'round, i'll be rocking the pink; not just on wednesdays either, like, all the time. i firmly believe that pink is a colour for all seasons, you just have to do it right. that's why there are different shades of colours, so you can pair them with other shades of things and make things more wearable. honest.

so, when challenged by the guys over at vouchercodes uk to show just how wearable bubblegum pink can be for a/w, well, i wasted no time re-shopping my wardrobe (and a couple high-street stores if i'm honest, with good reason) to show you lot just how easy (and affordable) it would be to inject the bright colour this autumny/wintery season.

jumper + skirt : h&m* | dress : select* | bag : t-mart* | shoes : new look | boots : primark

first up is this incredible jumper i picked up at h&m for less than a tenner. i think officially it was like £7.99 or something silly like that, which is a total bargain. you lot know i love a jumper in the winter, and so with this wee pink knit i was able to add a splash of colour to my darker and more muted autumnal pieces, without going too crazy overboard with colour, and keeping both outfits still very seasonal.

the addition of the multi-pastel body bag really draws the bright out of the jumper too, and harnesses the muted colours in the rest of the outfit. (i especially love this bag because of the many pastel colours in it mean it will go with oh-so many things!) so, my top tip for wearing a bubblegum pink jumper this a/w is to make sure you don't overdo it on the rest of the ensemble. the jumper should compliment your outfit and be the hero piece, so make sure you don't take its thunder away with other bright colours or patterns.

dress : yumi* | scarf : new look* | jacket : just jeans | shoes : primark | satchel : asos

now, if you're not sure you can rock a bright pink jumper, then the next best way to incorporate the bubblegum pink trend is through your accessories. this tartan scarf is an excellent addition to my wardrobe, and at less than fifteen quid, a steal too. it's massive - blanketesque, and wraps around my scrawny neck a couple of times too, making me extra warm. the other bright colours running through the tartan really mean this bad boy will likely go with everything too, making this incredible wearable this season.

if you're still not convinced you're ready to jump on board the bubblegum band wagon, consider starting small with a pink bag. i know a couple of girls who are major wear-all-the-black players who could really afford to inject a litte bit of colour into their wardrobes, and i reckon a bright bag is the best way to do it without straying too far from comfort. obviously a cambridge satchel is an investment piece, but with the right asos discount code you can still nab yourself a bargain, ladies!

so, it's a no brainer that i'll be wearing my pinks right through this a/w season, but...
will you? tell me what you think of these tips!

*this post was written in collaboration with vouchercodes uk*

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  1. Love that you've toned down the pink with grey! Great combination!

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue

  2. I sit next to this slightly crazy lady at work and she hates pink .... she hates pink to such a silly level that if you rock up to the office in pink she goes a bit mad at you! She even takes "Wear It Pink" day off as holiday. Sometimes I wear pink just to annoy her :D
    I love the scarf, I bought one in New Look at the weekend, I actually had to stop myself buying it in a few colours!
    Chloe x

  3. Ah I can't stop staring at that satchel!

  4. it's a beauty, isn't it! x


  6. thanks so much Jenna!

  7. Love the pink jumper gorgeous pink and I am not a pink wearer xx

  8. Well I love both of your outfits, but the pink jumper combination is my favourite. Bubblegum pink is always a winner!

  9. LOVE this post, Pinky! The first outfit is my favourite, and I just can't get enough of that teeny-tiny bag! xx

  10. In love with that bag with the yellow buckle!


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