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19 December 2014

how to be a self sufficient santa (+ a giveaway!)

every year there's a new batch of hosts preparing for their very first solo christmas. whether they've moved away for work, headed away for uni, or are just off to see the world, these guys will be facing that tricky time of year where you have to try and make your regular budget stretch now to include wrapping paper, a turkey, and even present for those they love. i remember my first christmas away from home - i was so unprepared, i ended up gate crashing a mate's family do because i didn't know what else to do, or how to cook my own roast. dire.
so, a couple of weeks back when i was asked if i'd like to contribute something for style fruits' inaugural handy guide for first-time christmas hosts, the jolly journal, i simply couldn't refuse. they were seeking submissions from bloggers on how to be a 'self sufficient santa'; whether it be food, decorations, or even presents, the guide was there to help the first-timers through the hard parts, and guide them through to success - on a budget, no less.

i absolutely loved the idea, and knew it was something i would have really loved to have myself during that tricky first year, but i was short of time (#life). when i spoke to the guys at style fruits about submitting an oldie but a goody, they were more than happy with my choice, and eagerly accepted my submission.
well. the jolly journal has been published, and i am happy to say it's bloody marvelous, and not at all tat - something i was terrified of putting my name to if it turned out that way. thankfully, it didn't, and i couldn't be prouder to have been involved. there's even an e-version of it on their site for those who're keen to check it out, but i actually have a couple of copies to give away to those of you interested in grabbing your own copy in the lead up to christmas. ok, so it might be a little late to take full advantage of the details yourself, but what a neat gift to give to those impending first-timers for their attempts next year!

if you fancy your chances of winning a copy (maybe i'll even sign it, who knows!), all you have to do is leave me a comment about your first christmas without mum and dad, and if you think 'the jolly journal' could have saved your skin during that time (and a way to contact you!). that's all really!

good luck!

(unfortunately, the giveaway can only be held in the uk, so those of you elsewhere can download your copies for free here)

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