w.i.w.t | date night darling

coat | dress | bag | lips | nails | ring | boots

saturday night was date night, and i had a reason to dress up. unfortunately, that doesn't necessarily mean that i had the ways and means to meet that brief, but... i tried. the problem is, that because i am in a dress day-in and day-out, 'dressing up' becomes a little bit difficult. people are used to seeing me in a dress, so even when i attempt to 'dress up', i still just end up looking.. the same. how many times did i just use the word 'dress'? 

anyway. i've also lost a bit of weight in the last few months, so nothing even fits the same anymore. everything is a bit loose here or a bit baggy there, and although that sounds 'good', it's mostly just 'annoying'. first world problems, huh. i also have no proof of me wearing any of the above from saturday, because i ran out of time to take pictures of me in it, so just imagine a slightly shorter, more brunette, and definitely less slim version of that asos model up there, and you're almost there.

oh, and add tights, and leggings, and socks, and a body warmer underneath because my gosh, it was so damn cold on saturday! i woke up to the clearest, sunniest winter day i'd seen in a long time, and while the sun was warm on the skin, the air certainly wasn't. and, as soon as the sun went to bed and was replaced with the clear night, well.. frozen. and then i drank a frozen cocktail like a loon.

but at least i looked cute, right?