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17 December 2014

wanderlust | crying out for a cruise

i was musing to the girls while we were away in germany over the weekend that i've never had a summer holiday. i mean, i'm from a perma-hot country, so like, beach holidays were kinda... just normal weekends for me as a teenager, so they're not really novelty for me, or what i really find desirable about holidays. normally. having just come back from my umpteenth wintery, european holiday, i've decided i want something a little bit different from my holidays next year.

but... what? as i said, i'm not reeeeally the beach-dwelling type, and you'll never catch me in a pool (i just don't like being submerged, ok?), and i need a break from the city breaks, so.. what does that leave me with? as i was binge facebooking on the tarmac on sunday (naughty), a friend's most recent holiday snaps caught my eye, and i wondered... what about a cruise?

i'm ok on water; i've travelled to tasmania on the spirit a couple of times, and that's an overnight journey, plus i've been on smaller ferries, in choppy seas, and i've been ok. i know i don't get sea sick, and i grew up around fishers and boaters, so i'm a terrific swimmer - promise that me not liking water is not because i'm shit at being in it, i just... don't like it!

because i'm a sucker for punishment, i googled cruises from the uk to see what my options were, and foolishly even subscribed to the fred olsen newsletter just to be entered into the drawer to win a free holiday. i'm pure desperate (cheap), and you gotta be in it to win it, right? well anyway, while hanging about on site i noted one cruise in particular that services the med coast, and this was also something we talked about while away this weekend; i've never done the mediterranean, and the others had only done a few islands each.

with ports of call including alanya, alicante, sardinia and crete (all new places for me!), i'd say this is a pretty awesome holiday idea, and with activities on board not limited to being poolside, i reckon there's also something there for everyone, don't you? whether you're a cabaret kid like me, prefer to be sprawled by one of many crystal-clear pools, love the idea of travelling luxuriously between market bazaars, or are just there for the fruity drinks, i reckon i've talked myself into this as a legit option for next summer. or, pre-summer, because at the end of the day, i'm still a cheapskate and refuse to do anything during peak season.

have you been on a cruise? tell me things you liked or didn't like about it below!

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  1. My grandparents were obsessed with cruises. They went on something like 3 or 4 a year and every May for 5 years they took us along. I was only 7-11 so I didn't really appreciate it at the time and just wanted to stay on board in the kids' club instead of trekking around hot countries on excursions. I'd love to go back on one now that I'm older and can appreciate it more, although I do think those early experiences are what have drawn me to history and culture as an adult.

    My little brother used to get horrendous seasickness and I've always had a phobia of vomit so that was difficult. He once vommed all over my fry up and I've not been able to eat one since! Even now, when I think of going on a cruise, I get a bit panicky about the thought of people throwing up everywhere!

    It's all glamour on a cruise ;)

  2. I went on when I was 15 and I remember how exciting it was to wake up in a new country each day! The food is glorious.. I clearly remember chocoholics evening that didn't start till midnight - we went to the dining quarters and everything (and I mean everything) was chocolate related. Massive statues, carved from chocolate, and you could eat to your hearts content.. safe to say my eyes were bigger than my belly! I'd love to return on a cruise now I'm older to fully appreciate it!


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