wanderlust | crying out for a cruise

i was musing to the girls while we were away in germany over the weekend that i've never had a summer holiday. i mean, i'm from a perma-hot country, so like, beach holidays were kinda... just normal weekends for me as a teenager, so they're not really novelty for me, or what i really find desirable about holidays. normally. having just come back from my umpteenth wintery, european holiday, i've decided i want something a little bit different from my holidays next year.

but... what? as i said, i'm not reeeeally the beach-dwelling type, and you'll never catch me in a pool (i just don't like being submerged, ok?), and i need a break from the city breaks, so.. what does that leave me with? as i was binge facebooking on the tarmac on sunday (naughty), a friend's most recent holiday snaps caught my eye, and i wondered... what about a cruise?

i'm ok on water; i've travelled to tasmania on the spirit a couple of times, and that's an overnight journey, plus i've been on smaller ferries, in choppy seas, and i've been ok. i know i don't get sea sick, and i grew up around fishers and boaters, so i'm a terrific swimmer - promise that me not liking water is not because i'm shit at being in it, i just... don't like it!

because i'm a sucker for punishment, i googled cruises from the uk to see what my options were, and foolishly even subscribed to the fred olsen newsletter just to be entered into the drawer to win a free holiday. i'm pure desperate (cheap), and you gotta be in it to win it, right? well anyway, while hanging about on site i noted one cruise in particular that services the med coast, and this was also something we talked about while away this weekend; i've never done the mediterranean, and the others had only done a few islands each.

with ports of call including alanya, alicante, sardinia and crete (all new places for me!), i'd say this is a pretty awesome holiday idea, and with activities on board not limited to being poolside, i reckon there's also something there for everyone, don't you? whether you're a cabaret kid like me, prefer to be sprawled by one of many crystal-clear pools, love the idea of travelling luxuriously between market bazaars, or are just there for the fruity drinks, i reckon i've talked myself into this as a legit option for next summer. or, pre-summer, because at the end of the day, i'm still a cheapskate and refuse to do anything during peak season.

have you been on a cruise? tell me things you liked or didn't like about it below!

*post written in collaboration with brand*