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28 February 2013

sidebar hangs

this month i have been incredibly lucky to have had some magnificent people hanging out on my side bar. these bloggers and brands are so supportive of my little patch of the internet, and without some of the friends i have made around here over the last few months, i don't know what the point of blogging would be. they really do make it worthwhile having no real life friends (i kid), and i am very happy to introduce them to you properly today.

tiff is a real-life southern-belle, with a penchant for shopping and all things creative. her blog is full of wonderful diy ideas and crafty projects, as well as lot of sweet give aways and awesome style picks. pop on over to see here at her blog ramblings of a southern belle and tell her i said hi!
urban gal is an east-london vintage inspired online boutique, specialising in unique and the quirky jewellery for the modern day magpie. urban gal is one of the most dynamic and interesting up-and-coming brands of 2013, and i'm so happy to have them here this month, especially considering the amazing give away they're letting me host at the moment! if you haven't entered yet, do it here.
by now you're all fairly familiar with the adventures of kim and erica. kim and i found each other more or less around the same time on instagram. we instantly were drawn to each other's quirks and the amount of similarities we could find in each others wardrobes lives. kim's blog is less lifestyle blog and more personal style blog, with diy, craft, and puppy pictures thrown in for good measure. her and her mister have some adorable fur babies and a gorgeous cottage - perfectly orla kiely'd and cath kidston'd to the max. miss kim is a permanent sponsor of being erica, on the basis she is my #bff and inspires me to be a better blogger/writer. she's as much part of being erica as i am, so pop on over to kim at her blog what peggy said and say hello. 
dahlia was born out of a love of fashion and individuality. with a playful personality and creative styling at it's heart, dahlia embodies the modern british style. girly, floaty and feminine, dahlia is everything a girl could want in their wardrobe. don't forget to enter their amazing competition to win a season's wardrobe... 
laura and i bonded on twitter not so long ago over some stupid political debate that we thought was atrocious and have been bosom buddies ever since. laura blogs over at what laura did about all the ins and outs of the life of a babe'n mama in wales. beauty reviews, ever changing hair and instagrammed snaps of her adorable babes are what you'll expect to find over in her patch, so if that's your particular cup of tea (which i suspect it is), pop on over and check her out.

a special mention this month to this lot here; these four are like my very own pink ladies. my button swap besties. uncovered through instagram and twitter, these lovely ladies keep my fingers on the keyboard and the boredom at bay. the sweet words and affirmation i get from these girls daily, are the fuel that keep this blog alive. 
michelle of satchels and pearls has been blogging for a mere two months. in that time, she has built herself a steady readership, and made some amazing friends because she is so damned lovely. with a fella overseas and her 2 full time jobs, it's any wonder she has any time to blog, but thank god she does, because her style is intriguing and i want to see more! 

kirsty blogs over at indigo buttons, and her patch is full of highland adventures, disastrous cooking and brilliant outfits. she's a teacher by day and a scottish lifestyle blogger by night, and another one who has been blogging for only a few months but already storming the #lbloggers chats on a sunday night. go and say hi!

sam of xoxo, sam is super eclectic. her blog is ever changing, but never disappointing and always delivers. full of delicious recipes, great style, opinion pieces and craft, what's not to like? sounds like a winning combination to me! plus she's a babe. go. visit. now.

miss donna a.k.a polka-dot pinky is the third point to the kim-and-erica-trinity. witth her baby blues and english rose complexion, donna is one doe-eyed lady. she has a wardrobe to die for (although she insists on killing me with her current lenten promise to throw a bunch away *gimme gimme*), and a personality to match. she's always chirpy and there with an ego boost, donna is sweet and lovely and has mad ebay skills. abuse them, i did, and i scored an angora topshop jumper for £2.20.
please go and check out my amazing sponsors and new pals, because without them, there'd be no being erica. and that would suck. and, while you're at it, check out my sponsorship page for info on how you can help support being erica next month.. X