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when electrolux asked if i wanted to collaborate with them on a piece about my ideal kitchen, i thought about sending them the link to my current kitchen's before and afters. easy; job done. but then i thought... erica, too hasty? i mean, i adore my kitchen as it is, but it's certainly not my dream come true. i've made the best of what i have. but, when i think about the perfect kitchen, i think about a stainless steel built in oven, a white storage island, loads of cupboard space and every cooking appliance under the sun. it includes a lovely, useful cooker hoods that actually works. i imagine a country kitchen, with simple, wooden furniture and lots of light. a vintage feel, but with cooking hobs that don't take an age to heat up. white walls, floorboards, and bright accessories.

when i imagine perfection, i certainly don't imagine a narrow hallway of  too-high and not-deep-enough-for-my-plates cupboards, dirty, cracklng lino and electric hobbs that work every other time. nope. definitely not that. but, i live in hope. one day, this kitchen will be a reality... but, when?

what about you; what's your 'ideal kitchen'?
*written in collaboration with brand*