summer style savers challenge

you lot know how thrifty i am when it comes to hunting out a bargain. you know and appreciate my love for the sale rails when it comes to getting the best value for money, and i'm the first to admit that yes. i am a cheap shopper. i will walk to the next shop to get something a pound cheaper. i use vouchers. i love a discount day. i rarely buy things full price. but, it's through being frugal that i do manage to have such a overflowing and always fresh wardrobe. my tastes change too frequently to feel good about splashing out on expensive or high-end high-street brands, so i do have my go-to stores when i know i'll get a bargain.

so when set me the challenge of creating a summer outfit for less than £100, i thought i'd go one better, and see just how many outfits i could create for that. turns out, two really awesome ones, accessories and all! what do you think?..

total wardrobe cost = £96.oo!
naturally, my first port of call was new look. i am a fiend for their online sales, a regular amongst the rails, and a keen click-and-collect customer. it seemed only fair that they been (massively) involved in my bargain hunting. and rightly so! i mean, the majority of my wardrobe is new look, so to keep true to form, where else would i look? check out the bloody bargains in found in their upto 60% off sale though! polka dot top £6!? i'll take ten. well, i won't, but you get what i mean.
a few of the other pieces have been featured around here before - those asos sunnies are a must-have and i think i'm going to just have to bite the bullet and buy them before it's too late! the ji ji kiki bag and hair grips are a perfect addition to, oh - just about everything i own, and i am dying for that real life daisy-chain from chelsea doll. plus - at £2.99, who doesn't need a new nail varnish to top off either of those outfits!
p.s. those heels at 50% off are a steal. they are perf, and i need them (despite never having anywhere to wear them).
what do you think? are you going to join in with the fun? enter here!