sneak peek :: the kitchen

before, shudder
when i first saw the kitchen, i knew there was plenty i could work with. the flat is probably only about 15 or so years old, and so the features are all - mostly, pretty modern. the pine cupboards are nice and big and mean lots of storage, and the electric stove, microwave, fridge and 'built in' washing machine all came standard with the flat, so it was up to us to supply and decorate the rest. well, here it is...

mitt and towels :: assorted poundlands
pastel mugs :: matalan // kettle + toaster :: // tray :: poundland
coffee + coffee tins :: debenhams // biscuit tin :: ebay
white + red bowls :: matalan // melamine bowls + tea mugs (gifted!) :: cath kidston
floral cutlery c/o next // red cutlery :: poundland
apron :: h+m
tea cup + saucer (gifted!):: cath kidston // pastel tea cups :: vintage // cupcake :: brighton pier!
clock :: primark
we've been here almost two weeks now, and the kitchen is just about done now. all that i want to get in there now is a lace voile or half-curtain for the window as there's a lot of dead space above the window that could do with being hidden (purposefully cut out of the pic, cos... yuck). i also want to buy, oh i don't know, everything in this collection from next. i was lucky enough to have received a taste of it by way of that gorgeous cutlery set, and now i want more. nay, i want it all. it's perfection.

so, welcome to my kitch-en! do you approve?