lush // angels on bare skin :: review

a few months back, based on positive reviews by trusted twitter pals, i caved and bought my first ever lush product. i was having a 'skin care regime' crisis - the actual crux of that being that i just plain don't have a regime. i'm approaching the age that those skin care products are aimed at, and am noticing a little extra skin where it shouldn't be anymore. i needed something to turn back time, and failing that, maybe just firm the old jowls up a bit. as well as that, an easy, daily product that would refresh, clean and tone.

i've always had a sensitive face, and for the last few years i've used nothing but make up wipes and water to combat spots. as a young adult, i would pickpickpickpick at the smallest spot - thinking it was hideous, and now i suffer pretty bad scarring. ironic, huh? i don't have great skin now, but i accept that and i have found a way to keep my skin neutral by not using too many products.

upon explaining that to the fire-haired assistant in my local lush store, i was taken immediately over to the sink, and used as part of a demonstration for a product that "everybody loves!" well, after the demonstration of angels on bare skin, i will admit that my skin felt and smelt fabulous, and for the price, yes - i was convinced. i triple checked that this product would be sensitive enough for my delicate skin, and once assured, i even bought the follow up product - the eau roma toner water, i mean, naturally occuring and totally organic ingredients are the best kind, right?!

that night i couldn't wait to get it on my skin. i did as i was told and mixed a 10p sized amount with warm water to create a paste, gently rub this into my skin to open, clean and refresh pores, rinse off with warm water, then - an important step! leave to dry naturally. something something about drying your face with a towel locks something something into your skin, and undoes all the good. well, left it to dry, applied a few sprays of the toner water, and went on my way.

i will admit that the combined smells of the products were positively gorgeous. the lavender, rose and chamomile extracts really did make my skin feel revived, and i slept really well that night thanks to the scent i brought to bed with me. cannot fault that. as mentioned from the demo, my skin felt great too - soft and like it hadn't been cleaned in years. i also picked up a sample of a moisturiser to test on my skin, to see how it fared on my combo skin. i only used it around my eyes and forehead, as i've had issues with oily skin in the past. this mini regime was repeated twice daily, in the morning shower, and at night before bed.

a few days in, i noticed the bumps. small bumps under the skin around where my mouth meets my cheeks, and up towards my ears. not a normal place for me to get spots. they were all under the skin, but i knew they were there. a few quick tweets to lush assured me it was my skin getting used to new products, kicking out the bad stuff, and working it's magic on the good stuff. they told me to be patient, it will calm down.

weeks later, it hadn't, and i was pretty upset at the state of my skin. the spots had broken through, and then with the daily exfoliation had become raw and inflamed. i cut back to morning-only use, relying on my trusty make up wipes to calm the bumps at night. i stopped using the moisturiser, and only used the toner water before bed (secretly, i liked the smell and deep sleeps it was giving me!). no change. by now i'd been using the product four weeks, and my skin was terrible. my ego was battered, you guys know how self-absorbed i am! so, gutted as i was, i stopped using the products all together.
i do still quite enjoy a refreshing spray of the roma water after a warm shower or right before bed, but i've had to say goodbye to the angels. i'm told there's a product similar that is aimed at problem skin, but after being recommended the wrong product by someone at lush, and told to wait and see by their official twitter, i don't think i have any more time for them, nor would i refer this product on to anyone like i was referred to it.
have you tried this product? what did you think?