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r is for recipes
so, it's no secret that i love to cook. my earliest memories of cooking involved my mum's handwritten gems flowing out of an old, haggard recipe book she had kept since she was in her early twenties. you could see the handwriting change as she matured, could tell her favourite meals by the extra-worn out page corners, and easily note the amendments to the recipes as she changed from imperial to the metric system.

now, i remember a lot of those recipes. i could make them now, without the need of a recipe book. and, in this day and age of internet, who ever really needs to write these sorts of thing down anyway? well, while that's fine and well for now, what happens in the future? no-one knows how to make my mum's lasagna quite like my mum - and me, and how could i ever pass this recipe along, without having it written down?

so, i've invested in and resolved to keep my very own recipe book for any future recipe-passing-along-type experiences that i might find myself in. i picked this gem up on sale at paperchase during the week, reduced from £14 to four pounds. i instantly loved the teal gingham look, and soon found it has tabs inside that allow for different sections; meat, poultry, savoury, sweets, etc, another bonus. now, i'll just have to find the time to put aside to dedicate to writing up all of the recipes i currently have stored in my tiny brain. perhaps i could give up blogging?


have you you got any recipes you'd like to share with me? email them to me at!