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6 June 2013

mundane midweek.

thank you to charlotte for the mid-week ranty tag i've been in need of since approximately 7:30 this morning. if you fancy joining in, pop over to her blog and link up!

you wanna talk mundane? lets do it. today's the day that i - after getting in rather late from a nice night out at the theatre with the girls, rowing with boyfriend, eating cheesecake at midnight and the falling asleep in under a minute - forgot to set my blinking alarm and so rose with a start twenty minutes later than normal in a panic about what time i was supposed to be at work today.

you see, the good folk in charge of things like, turning the phones on, and, doing the roster, have decided to move our current office times from a very happy 9-5 to a very unhappy 8-6, with the (re)introduction of a rolling shift pattern. this means that one week i do 8-4, the next week 9-5 and the next 10-6 (then repeat). this also means i now have three separate alarms set to go in my phone. this also also means, that when i change a shift from an 8-4 to a 9-5 because I'm going to the theatre with the girls and i don't want to waste 3 hours in town waiting for them, i also need to change the currently-set alarm. which, i had very real intentions to do, but then... completely forgot... throwing on clothes and makeup in a rushy way kinda turned out ok though, so lets over look that.

today's my fasting day. 500 miserable calories. and a promise to go to the gym. i'm currently about a day behind on my work (not my fault) and even then, i'm always a day in front. which essentially means, i'd caught up on all my work. today was the last day my manager was in before her lovely holiday to thailand tomorrow. she wasn't in work mode (until shit hit the fan late afternoon), and - rightly so, neither was i.

boredom kicks is pretty early when i'm irritable. i hate being idle, and there's only so many times i can read the daily mail front page and all of the blog updates in bloglovin'. checking emails has never seemed so dull. usually, i'd snack. today there was no such chance. my "lunch" consisted of 3 ryvita crackers lightly smeared with cream cheese, and the standard dc. come 3pm, i was famished, light headed, and (more) irritable (than normal). come 5pm, i was in no mood for the gym. but, because i'm such a good friend, i went anyway. every last hangry inch of me.

afterwards, i slowly padded back to the station, blistered feet not sure whether they'd prefer socks and trainers to the current £2 sandals; they soon realised that only i am the boss of my own feet. they shall not beat me! i checked the train time, hopped aboard, earplugs in and lazily shut my eyes. 20 minutes later, i looked out the window to see we'd stopped. at a station that bore no resemblance to my own. worse still, it wasn't even on my train line? thinking back to what platform i should have boarded from, i realised i'd been so damned tired that i'd boarded the opposite train, and i was now on my way back to my old flat!

i keep joking about doing that, but today took the cake. it wasn't even on purpose. standing at the baron platform, i could have cried. it was now after 7, my lovely dinner was being cooked without me, and i had no idea how to get home. i ran across the foot bridge checking all the signs for incoming trains to london, found one, then waited. i then had to change again to get the right train home, and then finally, i was there. an hour after i'd left the gym session i didn't even want to do.

i wolfed down my dinner. i even ate a biscuit. it was that, or down a bottle of wine. i don't know if i made the right decision. so that's all there is to say about that. how mundane has your day been? link up here and let everybody know.

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  1. Wow, I wouldn't call that mundane! It sounds pretty hectic/awful though! I'm glad you eventually made it home, and if that had been me that wine would have been devoured after a day like that! The rolling shift pattern really sucks, but I guess finishing at 4 one week will be kind of nice :) xx

    1. you're right, but the mundane spun outta control into mayhem!

  2. 500 calories, omg, how do you do it?


    1. it's hard, but you get used to it and have to realise that on those two days a week, that hunger is your friend and he's doing good work not bad inside. you just have to carry on!

  3. Urgh. I feel you on that switch of shifts. I just got moved from a 9-5 to a 7-3 in the kitchen I work in. I'm pretty sure my body is not going to be happy on Monday with that first 5.45am alarm :(


  4. Oh man, this sounds like an extremely stressful day, I bet you were glad when it ended!

  5. Woah, that sounds rather chaotic! I hope you've recovered from that crazy day, although I wouldn't have blamed you if you had gone for the bottle of wine! Haha

    Are you doing the 5:2 fasting program? My Dad did it for a month and it did work, so keep at it! Good luck!

    ~Hannah xx


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