mundane midweek.

happy thursday kids! or, not, if you're sam who on tuesday thought it was wednesday, and whose - as soon as i gave her some perspective, world came crashing down around here. well, karma got it's own back as i woke to a wednesday i thought was thursday, and a cruel, cruel reminder that we were still two days from pay day. add to that, waking to the shocking  realisation that i am indeed getting old, and wednesday was pretty much a fail. after two consecutive nights at the gym (one which included a lot of unwanted aerobics and not enough sweating in my opinion), i woke on wednesday (6am - hello weekly shift work complaint) with aching legs, a stiff lower back, and zero percent desire to move from my bed. what's that? you're supposed to stretch before exercising? well, whoops.

hey guess what? the sneezes have started. people sneeze, right? not this guy. sneezes mean diseases, and i am always getting sick. i tell you what though, i don't need it right now. i have a fun weekend full of friends and fun planned, and then another full week of prepping and planning for the slumber party i'm hosting for kim and kirsty next weekend. couple that with two birthdays in between (one of which is boyfriend's), well, i just can't be bothered getting sick right now. so, eff off summer cold, you're not welcome here.

oh, i got a voucher in my email on wednesday for a free lip balm at the body shop. i love free things, so i printed the voucher off and headed out on my lunch break in the sun to claim my goods. except... i have no idea where the body shop is. turns out the place i thought it was ended up being lush - and we all know how i feel about them right now. so then i walked all the way back to work. and got halfway back before realising i had forgotten to buy lunch while out on my jaunt. so, back i trundled. back at my desk half an hour later, i was hot and bothered, sweaty and annoyed, and balm-less. so basically, wednesday can do one!

i  spent the afternoon with a headache (i think my hair was too-tight), did very little work, bought this book online, finished work at four, blew off the gym in favour of perusing the cath kidston sale at covent garden, then went home to relax...with a healthy satay chicken!

how's your week so far? are you having a shocker like me? if you are, you can join the link up pity party over at charlotte's web now! doesn't that sound appealing? and also, are you as shocked as i am that this is my 300th post on being erica? well yeah, it is. how time flies!