brand crushing :: le bomb shop

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i discovered le bomb shop a few months back via kate gabrielle over at scathingly-brilliant, as she owns and features quite a few of their gorgeous fit and flare dresses. i was smitten with this mint polka dot number she wore, then i found that it comes in a hundred different colours, and just simply adore it in purple (pictured)! scouring and clipping their seemingly endless pages for this collage was hard work. there are so many gorgeous colours and patterns, so it's hard to know which ones to feature - hence the honourable mentions below!
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these are some of the most feminine and flirty dresses i have ever seen. i know i say that a lot, but i am a sucker for a vintage fit-and-flare dress, and there is nothing about le bomb shop that i don't love. there's currently 10% off a bunch of these dresses, and postage from the states is a reasonable £10 or there abouts. fyi - this is not a sponsored post; i genuinely am loving this shop! i have popped a few in my basket for the end of the month, when i can finally buy them and wear them all with pride!

have you been to le bomb shop? which is your favourite?