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13 August 2013

sneak peek :: lounge room

 before - they left us with nothing you know!

we invested in two navy sofas from gumtree that don't really suit us or the room. they're quite big and are an awful colour. to combat how dark they made the room seem, we picked these soft, pastel throws up over the weekend and they've made an instant impact. they've lightened the room right up. boyfriend even agrees, and he's coming around to the array of cushions he has on his sofa too! some made by me, others by the talented nat of the u in cute etsy shop. i'd bought some vintage fabric from her to make the short and stout cushion, and she's made the hearts. the large cushions at the back are h&m* and the rest are all primark.

the table was saved by the side of the road by liz and held for us until we moved in. we have since saved one chair to go with it too. they both need a good paint job, as they've seen better days, but they have a lot of character. i don't know if we'll keep the table yet, but it serves its purpose for now by giving my unused sewing machine a home, and continues to shelve the fresh flowers that make their way into the house on a weekly basis.

we finally got a record player (thanks carmen) to play our collection of thrifted vinyls on, and it now lives inside the antique armoir we saved from hard rubbish across the road (seeing a theme?) a few weeks back. i adore it. i think it was a bar originally, as the lid lifts up while the doors open up too. it's really special! it also needs a wee paint, but it's so unique i don't really want to. i will, but... not yet.

the tv sits a top the mid-century coffee table we picked up at a boot sale a few weeks back, which is our favourite piece in the room. i think that's why i now hate our dining table; it's the only pine thing in the room. both the armoir and the coffee table are darker wood, and i just think the table looks odd now. maybe i will give it a darker varnish. actually, that's a genius idea!

the walls are all still pretty bare. i am scouring charity shops for random artwork and prints, but so far all we have sourced are empty frames from - you guessed it! hard rubbish. there are a couple of the frankie mag centre-folds adorning the wall in the nook so far, but i'm not really sure what else to do. ideas?

there's definitely more to do; book case, rug, artwork, some light painting. but for now, i'm pretty happy with it, and finally pleased enough to share it with you. so far this room has been the least expensive too - costing us about fifty quid so far, having sourced most of the stuff from the roadside... sofas were a steal on gumtree, a few bits and pieces from ikea over the weekend and the vintage coffee table are the only big spends.

happy days!

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  1. So, so jealous of your record player. Rory is exceedingly jealous. He has been looking for one like that for years!

    The room is looking lovely x

    1. oh, so have we! this one is on loan from carmen for the time being - until we find one of our very own!

  2. Looks lovely!

    Love the cushions!


    1. thanks sarah! the cushions are my faves too :P

  3. I love all of the little thoughtful details in this room. Redecorating can be sooo intimidating! I've definitely taken away a few ideas for future projects :)


  4. Looks lovely, you've really made your mark in such a short space of time! xx

  5. You've done so well, it looks lovely. I love all of the cushions and the curtains. x

  6. Your lounge is so bright and lovely, I'm so jealous! Xo


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