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2 August 2013

friday favourites :: sidebar edition

this week amy shared her awesome hair day diy with us over here, but over on her blog 'art of the heart' she was glamming it up with a clever pony bow! so much cuteness. she's also styled up a seriously adorable shorts and tee combo, and reviewed some drug-store make up too! we do love a bargain.

amy (a diff one!) has been feasting in the feilds this week, and those foodie pics are just mouth watering! as well as that, she's been busy reading, and breaks down new reads 'the state we're in' and 'about a girl' over on her blog (a)my space. go read, and follow!
now, you met melly last week over here, but this week over at 'sweet as a maraschino cherry', melly's been sharing some tips on how to spice up your life. i for one am loving the idea of dating myself. no-one likes the things i like as much as me, so a me-date sounds perfect. she's also after your help with her #foreverfatfridays project - i know a bunch of you are doing 5:2 like me, and others are paleo and vegetarian.. do any of you have yummy recipes you can share with melly for her one day un-diet?
have you been keeping up with everything i love? if you haven't, you've missed some gorgeous new additions like the verity dress which is simply stunning and the lori lemon and lime skater dress, which has literally blown my eyeballs out. don't forget your 20% off with the code beingerica!
ji ji kiki have upped their game this month - some of their new arrivals are blooming lovely. this raspberry chevron dress is on my watch list now, as is this blue (shock!) summertime birdy dress. both so adorable, and have you seen their art shop? such cute prints in there! i especially love the robin hood birdy print and kingfisher in a bowler!
this week i got the best email, probably ever. the gorgeous ladies over at bonne chance emailed me to let me know that... they've named a dress after my blog! the 'erica dress' is going to form part of their new collection, and i can't wait to share it with you (i haven't even seen it yet!). until then, don't forget that you can take 10% off and still nab your free international shipping with the code erica. there's a ton of new arrivals on there already, plus the new line is going to drop any minute now... so exciting!

happy weekend everyone! tomorrow i'll be at kim's wedding in suffolk, and i can't bloody wait!

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  1. ah, i want all of those little circle skirts! so many colors!

    lindsey louise



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