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30 August 2013

friday favourites (and sneaky sponsor call)

<rant> you guuuuys, this miley media furore this week is outta control. i have read so many articles since the show, some in defence, some that applaud her for 'just bein miley' and some that are down right offensive. i too have my own opinons. everybody should. do i think it's fair she got 'slut shamed' for grinding on a man twice her age, while robin thicke - a husband and father, a man whose own song contains some of the rapey-est lyrics around, gets off scott-free despite allowing a woman half his age to perform such things on him? of course not! am i disappointed that a young girl who used to be kind of a good role model for tween-agers (like me) seems to have followed suit in the whole 'sex is power' music industry blame game? yeah, definitely! am i gutted for her that she's being branded a slut, despite her history of long-term boyfriends and current mini-thor fiance (are they still? i don't even know)? more than anything! do i want her to put her tongue away? yes, please! and put some more clothes on. and while you're at it, invest in a nice wig, and stay the hell away from amanda bynes. that girl should stop trying to make fetch happen; it's not going to happen. </rant>

moving on... katie is saaaaaah clever! look at this d.i.y! ever stuck for bloggin' ideas? well, fat mum slim is here to help. i'm addicted to caffeiene and cheese puffs. amy is addicted to marc jacobs purfume. natasha is a goddamn babe. it's so unfaiiiiir. clever, creative and babe-alicious in her romper. do you guys know that gal jenna? she's an instagram friend who's just had her blog overhauled by the clever bunny that is my kimmy. go see her! check out kailey's awesome boots! they're must have's for winter! gimme! also - do you remember marielle's origami crane project? well, i got one in the post this week, i was so touched!

yesterday, one of my best friends got married, and i was lucky enough to be there to witness their special day. to celebrate their nuptials, shall we have a raspberry and mint mojito? yes, let's!
this month you'll find me sponsoring the gals behind some of my favourite blogs; scathingly brilliant, little chief honeybee, mermaidens, the lovecats incgypsybeee[the blog], rachel the hat and lady face blog - with all that screen time, wouldn't it be a good idea to join me in september?...
raspberry and mint mojito by eat yourself skinny
so... last month this little blog racked up over 25,000 page views - that's a lot of bang for your buck! i've got a number of ad packages available, and one to suit every budget. check out my rates sheet here and email me if you're interested in joining me for september.

oh, and because it's my birthday month, i'll be giving you lovelies 29% off any spot (if i can work it out. maths is not my strong point!)...twenny noine cos that's how old i'll be!

olllld laaaady faaaaace.

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  1. Thanks for posting about the 50 Things to Blog About, I'm massively in need of some inspiration right now!

    Liz xx

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