interior style :: modcloth homewares

yep. you might have seen over on the sidebar the new modcloth advert. they've just gone and launched a brand new line of retro and cute homewares that have me lusting an unhealthy amount over my laptop screen. these top picks of mine are very kitschy and cute, and very 'me' but soooo very much out of reach...

modcloth are my ultimate brand. yet, their delivery rates to the uk are crazy ridiculous. they offer free shipping in the states, but to ship here it's not just the delivery cost, we have to pay customs tax on top. and, as much as i adore their stuff, and could literally spend hundreds on the site, i am 100% deterred because of the charges involved.

one day i will get my mitts on modcloth products. one day, these things will be mine!

what do you think of their new homewares? are you a smitten kitten?