w.i.w.t :: the wedding guest

well, it's no secret that this weekend gone i was having it large at kim's wedding. and, while i won't share all her beautiful secrets for now, we must at least discuss the one wedding outfit i'd been keeping to myself for all these many months!

dress + jacket :: forever 21 // shoes* :: tk maxx // bag + sunnies :: asos // hairpiece :: handmade

this pretty pastel number i picked up what seems like ages ago now, probably when i first met kim and knew i was invited along. since i've lost some weight recently, it was slightly too-big, which was a bit of a shame, but a very welcomed shame come the end of the night, after the three courses we consumed!

yes it's true - i'd gone tights-less. well, actually that's a lie. i wore nude tights, which put me right out of my comfort zone. i'm not the biggest fan of my legs, and i truly can't remember the last time i've worn a dress without tights. but, this dress would have been ruined with black tights, and i couldn't think of a coloured pair that would suit. so i thought, "stuff it!"

the ted baker jelly shoes were super comfortable, and the perfect compliment to the dress. i'd picked these up for the vouchercodes challenge a few months back, and knew in my head that they were going to be ideal for this day too. the glitter bows brought a bit of glam to the outfit, while the white really gave the dress a base to stand out from.

the baaaaaag, oh, the bag. i grabbed this baby in the asos sale recently, with my winnings from the style saver challenge (i do love a challenge!). i saw it and knew instantly that it was the perfect way to accessorise this outfit. the bright coral hue really picked up the peach and tangerine flowers in the print of the dress, and of course i had no choice but to paint my nails to match! the quilted look gave it a bit of elegance, while the metal brought out the glitter in my shoes. ahhh, forever matching.

the jacket i took along i'd had forever and a day, and it was just really a lucky coincidence that i found it in my wardrobe last weekend, because i'd been hunting high and low for something lightweight but dressy (not my forte) for weeks with no luck. in my mind, this jacket had always been pink. but, worn with the dress it took on an apricot hue, and worked a treat. i still felt a bit too cas(ual) in it - as it's like jumper material, but being that we had such good weather througout the day, i hardly had a need to wear it.

the hairpiece was hand made the night before, as i was freaking out about how my hair would look boring. i don't know that plastic yellow daisies was the right decision in hindsight, but... whatever. kim made the button holes herself for the groomsmen and the mother + father of the bride, and luckily, i scored one too! i think it's so bloody cute, and it topped the outfit off perfectly.

ah, it was such a lovely day. i can't wait to share more details with you!