friday favourites

*stop the press. this is the tear-jerkiest thing i've seen all week*
reason #253 why i love saturday night live (and moreso mumford and son). kittehs! i saw these vintage pics of ladies with ink and had a wee chuckle - such seriousness! stephen fry for president (of russia, at least); his letter to the ioc made me weepy and proud. i'm currently taking life lessons from cher. join me?

i read about the 1000 cranes project on magical day dream and was moved. some people in this world are inspirational. have you met becca? a new friend to the blog, thanks to an introduction by mama beee recently. this week becca shared d.i.y pinwheels! this hand stenciled wall feature is amazing! if only i had the time...and skills.

donna's going to start sharing her queen-of-ebay tactics...i can't wait to get shopping! this candy striped rouche dress is fabbbulous. i've said it before, and i'll say it again; how adorable is lindsay louise?! i'm adoring this floral fit-and-flare dress and pastel pink tulle skirt from chicwich, and all of the modcloth shoes. and, omg katie's built-in-bra idea is genius!

i have been eating a loooot of cheesecake lately. like, a lot. so how about mixing it up with a ricotta cake? or goats cheese and yoghurt? so many options! and, you know how much i love mexican food; how good does this mexican quinoa look? or these veggie burrito bowls? lussssh. wash it all down with a salted peanut butter and banana smoothie. om. nom. nom.

ack, i am loving everything inside of megan's home, especially but not especially (because it's all awesome!) this eclectic bedroom. perfectly balanced between vintage, quirky and practical, this room ticks all the boxes.
any plans this weekend? boyfriend and i are off to ikea for final lounge room bits and pieces, so i can finally have a completed home! well, will it ever really be complete? no, i doubt it. but, we will be slightly closer... other than that, we're relaxing. we've had a few busy ones recently, with more on the cards too, so it will be nice to just relax...

have a great weekend!