costa bingo presents :: musical bingo!

last thursday night i dragged rebekah out of work early to meet me in north london for a nandos, some drinks, and the real clincher; a night out at drink, shop, do for the ultimate granny event with a twist...musical bingo! sold to me as "like regular bingo, but with music", i thought, "well, why the hell not?!" and forced rebekah to come too.

organised as a *blogger night out*, i was told by the event organiser that there would be ten of us there in total. including rebekah, who i had to beg to be invited. i mean, she has a blog, so that counts.. right? well yes, thank god for rebekah, because not one of the other bloggers turned up! poor form ladies. we had a reasonable amount of fun anyway. and, i had a shit ton of wine, and that always helps.

the actual event was...not very well run, i don't think. and, i'm a professional complainer, so i should know. we were told 7:45 doors, with event kick off at 8. i suppose that because they had confirmed a whole bunch of people to come, who didn't, they were waiting on them a bit. eventually, they gave the whole spare eight seats away to people who'd actually paid and turned up, and kicked off just after 8:30...

except... i kept getting side eyes from the staff, like it was my problem that eight people i don't know didn't turn up. they asked me to contact them, to see where they were. except... don't know them from sam, didn't have a way to contact them. so no. i won't be contacting anyone. but i will have some more wine, please.

we stayed for two of the four rounds. we didn't win anything by half way through, so we bailed just after 10pm. it was going to be a long walk home from north london if we'd stayed much longer. like, i know that islington is where it's at, but for those of us who live south of the border, well... N1 is a less than ideal location to be finishing up after 11:30.

rebekah and i had fun. musical bingo is like regular bingo, but with music, and with rounds including 'motown classics' and '90*s hits', we were sure to be in for a good time. i'd never been to drink, shop, do, and i had been looking forward to that, if nothing else. it was a great venue, even if their entire drinks menu was made up of gin cocktails starting at £9 each. it was quirky, and cool, and a fun night out for us, and i'm still keen to get back there for their afternoon tea & do sessions, so i won't rule another trip out there just yet. thank you costa bingo for the tickets!

what do you think about musical bingo? would you go?
have you been to drink, shop, do? what did you do?