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16 August 2013

friday favourites

i saw this last friday, but it was too late to include it in my faves for that week. you've probably all seen it by now, but how awesome is this guy who recites the whole mean girls film in under 30 minutes?// i love these beauty hacks for the free-world deprived // i also i loved reading liz's five things i irrationally hate post. i feel the saaaaame way about those daft tfl emails. errr, hello. i have the app // squeeeee! how fricken cute is this otter! i mean! wut!

ok, but how clever is becca? i mean seriously // i was considering doing insanity. then leona showed me this // heard about becky's halloween party? planning to go? i'm considering it too! // have you met brittney? she's a peach, and her blog is my new favourite. she has no followers, yet her blog is amazingly gorgeous. puhhlease do yourselves a favour and check.it.out //oh, have you seen kim's wedding previews! eep! teary! // speaking of d.i.y, check out toni's upcycled lamp - it's brilliant.

now, i'm not a top-shop girl normally. too pricey, and the stuff is usually too trendy for me. but when i saw kat of rock n roll bride wearing this floral maxi recently i was forced to their site. there, i found so! many! pretty! things! like this pretty yellow blouse (that paige has been rocking recently in this amazing photo shoot), this flippy lilac skirt and these giant (!) coral wedges. oh, the shoes. determined to find some pretty t-bar flats or mary-janes for the impending autumn, i found these babies in pink and black (also worn by paige in tan here and megan here), then these - the most precious mary-janes, in white. white! they will get ruined in london, but i'm actual lusting over them now. birthday pressies please! size 6/39!

autumn shared her rainy day 60's mix tape over at gypsybeee this week, and i've fallen in love with this pink radio!

happy weekend ladies!

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  1. Well, golly! Thanks for mentioning my project! I'm completely in love with that pink radio, too. Autumn's mix is amazing!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. That Topshop yellow blouse is adorable, I bought it on my shopping trip with Susytron. Twinning! I also debated the coral flats online too :-) Agreed, that radio is adorable! xx

  3. OMG, girl ♥ you are way too sweet! :) I am glad I found YOUR blog!

  4. i want that yellow blouse! it's so so so cute! i need more yellow in my life!

    lindsey louise



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