have passport, will travel

a few weeks back, when i was feeling flush and generous (must've been payday), i very nearly bought boyfriend and i a holiday to berlin. well, ok, i did buy a holiday to berlin, but then had the sense to cancel it before it was too late. not out of remorse, mind you, more out of the fact that i remembered instantly that boyfriend's passport has expired last month, and that was a top priority - expecially as we're off to australia in less than eight weeks!

so, the days following the arrival of the new passport were full of holiday hunting. but where to start? obviously, we want for a trip to germany - maybe the Christmas markets in cologne? or, maybe a splurge; a shopping trip to new york for our aniversary next spring? or what about a city break to rome, pisa or florence before the summer ends?

ohhh, it's too hard, there are too many choices, and i just don't know which to do first! i do have my list of 'countries to see before i die', but i just don't know where to start tackling it. soon i will need a holiday from holiday hunting. this ish can be time consuming, not to mention stressful!

what's your ideal holiday destination? have you booked a vay-cay recently?

...can i come too?