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28 May 2014

guest | why edinburgh is the greatest city on earth

Well hello there! It's Kirsty from Indigo Buttons here. How's it going? When Erica asked me to write a guest post for her, I instantly knew what I'd have to write about. Edinburgh. My beloved adopted city! See, I have a hidden agenda. Not only am I proud of my city; of her culture, beauty and deep fried mars bars, but I want to persuade Erica to visit again. The Mustard Quad's Christmas visit to The Burgh was one of my highlights of last year, and I want it to happen again! So buckle up, folks. I'm going all out. It's time to sell my city. This is why Edinburgh is the greatest city on earth (and why you should all come visit ASAP)...
Reason Number 1: The People
So, it's more or less an accepted fact than the Scots are the greatest people on earth. And we're modest too, I know. When we're not hunting haggis and blowing on our bagpipes, we're pretty much just chilling out being bloody amazing. I'm actually from further north originally, but I've really grown to feel a part of this city. They're a welcoming lot. To give an example... a couple of years ago, with a particularly gruesome hangover, I managed to lock myself out of my flat in the middle of winter wearing nothing but my pyjama bottoms and a flimsy vest. Pretty babealicious, especially when you consider my mascara streaked face, birds nest hair and gin breath. Classyyyyy. I staggered around Leith looking like a crazed banshee, but one kind soul in a small shop took pity on me. She ushered me inside, warming me up with a cup of tea while she phoned for a locksmith. What a star. Here, folk will chatter away to you on the bus, carry old ladies' shopping home and let you eat the last rolo. Aces. 

Reason Number 2: There's Loads To Do
Galleries, castles, pubs, theatres, pubs, venues, parks, pubs, mountains, pubs, pubs, pubs. There's honestly something for everyone here. But mostly pubs. There's a genuinely exciting comedy scene with one of the best comedy venues in the UK (The Stand- always a good night), as well as various theatres to up your culture quota for the year. We have restaurants galore, from Michelin starred delights to grotty greasy spoons- and everything in between. There's even a bleedin' great mountain in the middle of the city, if that's your thing (I've tried to climb Arthur's Seat a few times in the nine years I've lived here. Haven't managed it yet). Vintage shopping; wine quaffing; music bopping... whatever tickles your pickle, Edinburgh has it to offer. 
Reason Number 3: We've Got History Coming Out Our Earholes
I worked as a history and ghost tour guide for six years during my time at university, and it's genuinely one of the best things I've ever done. Not just because I got to whip two men at the Mercat Cross every night (ahhh, memories...) but because I really got to know the history of this dark, creepy wee city inside out. So, there's the obvious stuff like Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood House and the parliament, but there are so many hidden pockets of historical horror which really enriches the city. Did I say horror? I meant... historical wonder. Because Edinburgh's history obviously isn't dark, twisted and blood soaked. Ahem. Visit an underground street where the plague broke out in 1645. Visit the Surgery Museum, where you'll find a book bound in the skin of a murderer. Visit Greyfriar's Kirkyard and try to avoid the violent poltergeist. Ahhh, Edinburgh. You weird wee beauty.

Reason Number 4: The Food
It's not all about haggis and black pudding, folks. Here in Edinburgh, we deep fry the bejesus out of anything. And we bloody LOVE IT. You thought a pizza was delicious? Try coating it in batter and deep frying it. Delightful ain't the word. You ain't lived til you've chowed down on some deep fried curly wurly, not to mention some deep fried cheese burger, haggis and ice cream. It's when you feel it solidifying on your hips... that's when you know you've struck gold. And if you're a carb fan?! Look no further than Edinburgh! Macaroni pies are more or less the norm, as well as potato fritters and tatties as far as the eye can see. Think carbs, coated in more carbs, with carbs on the side and a pinch of lard to add flavour. Oh lord. My stomach is grumbling. 
Reason Number 5: It's Beautiful
In all seriousness, Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I'm so, so glad I've made it my home. Whenever my train pulls into Waverley, I feel a genuine stirring in my belly as I gaze up at the Castle atop the craggy rocks, squat and foreboding. I'm so lucky I'm able to call Edinburgh my home. The winding cobbled streets, narrow closes and wynds; the broad esplanades of New Town and tree lined avenues of Stockbridge. Edinburgh is beautiful. Beautiful to her core. I've included some photos here taken by my boyfriend Adam, who is pretty bloody handy with a camera. Beautiful, ain't she?

So there we have it. Five reasons why Erica you should come to visit Edinburgh, the greatest city on earth. Writing this post has really made me want to head out this weekend and have a wee explore! Have you ever visited Edinburgh? What did you think? Anyway, I'll stop spraying on. A massive thank you to Erica for letting me take over her blog for the day. Feel free to pop over to Indigo Buttons and say hello! I promise I don't bite!

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  1. I ADORE Edinburgh!! Am so glad I only have to take the train to get there as well, such a marvellous and full city to be in. Everytime I visit it feels like the first time as there is always something new to see or to just see again!! Wooo- feel like getting on the train now, haha!! Happy Wednesday doll xx

  2. I went to Edinburgh back in 2010 just for a girl's getaway and fell in love - and I really, really want to go back. Hopefully, one day, I'll return and actually get to go up Arthur's Seat (sore point...don't ask!). Lovely guest post - and I'll be checking out your blog!

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy

  3. I'm desperate to go to Edinburgh, I really want to see the Pandas at the zoo but the boyfriend is having none of it. It looks like such a beautiful city. One day Edinburgh, one day!!

  4. Maisie Gibbons28 May 2014 at 21:01

    I'd love to visit! It looks so beautiful <3 It sounds like such an exciting city! x

  5. I loved this post. I've never been in Edinburgh but it looks like I'm gonna love it and have an affair with its beauty. It's ravishing and I'd gladly leave my small town in Portugal and move to Edinburgh. I also love Dublin but something tells me I am going to fall head over heels for Edinburgh!! I can't wait to try fried Mars ;) Irn Bru has been my anti-hangover drink these days actually. Really hard to find it in regular pubs in Lagos. Edinburgh seems to combine a gothic aesthetic with romantic allure. Majestic. I know it will be my dream trip! The travel of my life. I'm not putting my expectations too high, am I? xx

  6. not at all! i think you're smitten, girlie! edinburgh is only a short flight from portugal, you should definitely have a weekend away up north - you'll love it, i promise! (and irn bru is everywhere!) x

  7. you're coming with us next time. girls weekend, you hear?!

  8. i've not been up to Arthur's Seat despite visiting twice now... next time?

  9. see you up there kizzy! <3

  10. Maisie Gibbons29 May 2014 at 23:09



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