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hat : mr.p | dress c/o joe browns | shoes*: bhs | neckalace : a renegade seller - do you know who?

ooh hey, nice hair band there love. jeez. when will i become a professional? hint: probably never. so, this dress arrived on my desk p.m (pre-move), and got packed away with all the others, still in the parcel bag and completely overlooked until tuesday afternoon when i unpacked my many, many boxes of dresses. i'd well and truly forgotten that i'd even had it. can you imagine my excitement as i ripped that parcel bag open in the middle of the tip that was my room around 8pm on tuesday night? no, no you cannot. 

full disclosure: i'd never even heard of joe browns until they got in touch a few weeks back, but boy am i glad that i do now know about them. why? because this dress - besides being a totally babe'n style, is the perfect fit (hello! we all know how much trouble i have with online shopping)! as in, it fit's me perfectly. the zip almost argued with me around the bust, but i told it off and we were all good after that. the fabric is really good quality - it's not lined, but the skirt is so full that it is heavy enough to watch over my modesty with no dramas.

the gathered belt (non functional, thankfully) is sewn into the dress, so simply acts as a flattering focal point while holding me all in tightly. plus, the massive collar! are you kiddddding me? all the adorable elements of this dress completely make me forget that it's legit navy blue and lilac not black and pale pink like i foolishly assumed it was from the picture on the website (now that i look again, it definitely says 'blue floral', so). these emeraldy-tealy corked wedges are the newest additions to my shoe collection, and i think they offset the emeraldy-tealy of the leaves in the print of the dress really well, which was a surprise as i would never have thought to wear them with this outfit. but, there you go! surprises all 'round!

it was so rainy out when i took these pics, the wee necklace was an homage to the weather.
as was the hat... dear sun; please come back. regards, erica.


  1. You look adoooorable. I love this dress, and that little necklace is so darling! I also appreciate the musical theatre title reference :)

    xox Sammi

  2. Beautiful colours and such a flattering fit ... your waist looks teeny!
    Chloe x

  3. wahoo! thanks lovely! x

  4. ah! I love a good musical! also, such a huge compliment coming from you <3

  5. Absolute teeny tiny babe!! x

  6. The dress is stunning, love that as well as your necklace, so sweet :))) xxx

  7. A very flattering and beautiful dress!! I absolutely adore the necklace too :) tehe

    Charlotte, xo

  8. Absolutely LOVE this dress on you. I used to like the Joe Browns catalogue when it arrived but I haven't bought from them for a long time as I always thought they were too casual!

  9. I'm so glad that I chose this dress too after seeing how it looks on you. Have you lost weight? This dress is an absolute beauty on you! I just hope I can look half as good. Love the necklace too! xx

  10. OMG so cute. I'm going to check out their clothes now. I love the hat and shoes as accents. I have a minor obsession with straw hats right now

  11. Maisie Gibbons1 June 2014 at 16:04

    This whole outfit is just perfect! The necklace is just adorable! I hope you get some nice weather soon!!! x

  12. thank you honey bunny x

  13. ahhhh me too! haha, hurry up sun, I wanna wear my boaterrrr x

  14. thanks dollface! I don't think there's been any weighloss recently, maybe this dress just makes all the difference? (mind you, I did just move house the day before, lol, maybe I lost a lot in transit?) <3

  15. no more! get sharrrping!

  16. thanks so much Charlotte x

  17. eeeeeeeep (I wish!) X

  18. That dress looks SO good on you. The collar is adorable. I used the get the Joe Browns catalogues when I lived in London and totally forgot they existed. Now I have to go look at their website. My credit card thanks you... haha.

  19. you're SO welcome! <3


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