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24 May 2014

reasons why i'm not an adult

as i was flicking through instagram and eating ice cream on a stick (in my unicorn pyjamas), and while my mum watched the live polling updates on friday night, i happened upon a new post from one of my favourites bloggers - my little print-cess, sally tangle. sally's posts are usually so very whimsical and her photos so idyllic; she is a wee wordsmith, and i hang on every word she writes. in other words, i was excited to have something lovely to read as i slurped on my almond magnum (thanks mum!), and i was keen to pay zero attention to mum's interest in politics, or my friends' envy-inducing holiday insta-spam from all angles.

i often joke with sally that i wish she was my mum. not because she's old enough to be a mum - certainly not! little miss is a few months younger than me, maybe, but she is so mature and put together and wise and clever and she makes compote and eats bread with grains in it and fresh fruit and rides a bike and has master the blur filter on instagram like no other. generally, i think she's a terrific role model, she's certainly a fabulous long-distance friend, and - if i so wished, she's probably be a pretty bloody grand pen pal too. that's just sally.

so when i started reading her new post on friday night, i had to laugh. why? her post was titled 'growing up', and in it she explained how she will be turning thirty in seven months time (yes, seven), and went on to list thirty reasons why she didn't think she was ready to be an adult. i absolutely loved it. mostly because her points resonated so much with me, and made me think about how i'm also not bloody ready to be an adult. so, thanks to sally's prompt, here's why i don't feel old enough yet to be turning thirty (i copied some of sally's because they're hilariously accurate, and transferable):
1. i can't talk about my feelings. at all. i thought i would get better at this. so far, i haven't.
2. i own six winter coats and one denim jacket, but not one in-between jacket for all of the other seasons.
3. i don't own an umbrella, or waterproof coat.
4. i don't ever use my phone as a phone. i hate talking to people who aren't in front of me.
5. this means i've never called the water or electricity company. i always email them instead. coward.
6. i spend far too much of my time in the coffee and bakery aisles of my grocery store.
7. i don't know where they keep bin liners at my local tesco. since boyfriend left, i've not bought more.
8. i make hasty decisions. i'll think and think and think and over-think, and then decide under pressure and regret everything. but if you need me to help you decide, i'm a pro.
9. i buy and eat five packets of ramen noodles and white beuno a week; they're the basis of my diet.
10. i really love pop music. the cheesier the better.
11. i own six pairs of reading glasses, all with the same prescription, and i never wear any of them at home.
12. i have over 100 dresses, and not one pair of trousers (i lie, i have nine pairs of pj pants)(nine).
13. i don't know what UKIP stands for, nor do i want to.
14. in fact, politics in general is all kind of... nothing... in my brain.
15. all dogs are considered puppies to me. still.
16. i collect novelty tea pots.
17. the closest i am to owning a house is a cath kidston sewing kit i got in the sale.
18. i buy cath kidston stuff in the sale.
19. there are over ten mugs in the cupboard of my one bed flat. all cath kidston. in the sale.
20. i am fiercely independent, and like to be alone. it's a fine line between alone and lonely.
21. i cannot take a compliment. especially from boys.
22. i bruise like a peach. it's actually pretty dangerous, and why i never don't wear tights. i am black and blue all up and down my body, and have some pretty bad vein damage too. eurgh.
23. i basically dress like a toddler, and have far too many glitter hair bows. and all the heart print.
24. i think babies are ok but i'd never want to own one.
25. i think all cats are jerks, and there's a reason they're the only domestic animal that was never mentioned in the bible (hint: it's because they're the devil). not liking cats means no adult points.
26. i still call pink wine 'pink wine'.
27. i actually don't know how pink wine has come to be pink.
28. nor did i know that there were more goat's cheeses than just feta (there are! tons!).
29. my favourite bands are still the same ones from ten years ago.
30. i can't use the self-weigh machine at the supermarket, so buy the pre-packed vegies that cost more.

so there. a bunch of reasons why i don't really think i'm ready for this 'grown up' lark. a massive thanks to my sweet pea sally for being the inspiration behind this post - for a bit of fun, and self reflection too i guess. plenty of things to work on if i want to try and live up to the preconceived ideas of how an adult lives, but really... i've been looking after myself for the best part of the last ten years, so... i can't be doing all that bad of a job... right?
do you have a similar list? share some of them with me below!

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  1. I turn 30 on my next birthday and can relate to this... I think back to when my mum was around 35 (I think that's the earliest I was aware of her age!) and from what I remember, she was so 'mumsy' - and I'm only 5-6 years away from that age and think I'm nothing like that. I suppose the difference was she had 3 kids, and a lot of my friends say that its the kids that makes you grow up. But I sit and think, 'well how would having a child change your dress sense?' cos believe you me, I often sit there and think 'Should I really be wearing this floral skater dress with leggings and pretty ballet shoes at nearing 30?' 'Is now the time to look 'the part' - a little more sophisticated and grown up?' Who knows. I have a little dressing room full with pastel colours, flowers and pretty candles. Could I ever imagine my mum having one of those at my age? No. Maybe it's just society changing. Either way, I'm pretty content being the way I am and that's all that matters! :-)
    http://aworldfullofprettiness.blogspot.com <--- errr, I think that blog name says it all as well!

  2. This is such a cute post. I am absolutely not an adult, either. I'm stuck somewhere in limbo. I think it has its advantages :)

    xox Sammi

  3. hear hear sister friend! <3

  4. haha, oh, I'm glad! X

  5. I can't open fizzy drinks bottles by myself!

  6. Why do we have to grow up? (I don't really know how to work my dishwasher. I just wing it and hope for the best. Same with the washing machine. There are so many compartments and settings. Meh.)

  7. Maisie Gibbons26 May 2014 at 19:20

    I don't have any "in between" jackets either goodness it's such a nightmare! When it becomes too warm for my massive duffle coats, I have to start going out in cardigans, but it's not warm enough for cardigans yet, problems!
    I don't like going to the loo on my own when i'm out, even if it's the club I go to most weekends, I just don't wanna go on my own.
    I can't have the first sip of a can of pop, maybe not a "non adult" thing but more of an ocd thing? haha.
    How creepy and weird do I sound right now haha!


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