w.i.w.t | spring time shopper

cardigan : primark | dress : new look's label lounge | bag : asos | shoes c/o clarks

on sunday i woke up early (for a sunday) so i could get down to lewisham shopping centre nice and early and get hold of that proverbial worm. it was looking sunny - clear skies and no rain on the horizon, so i took a gamble and wore my new clarkes brogues... especially because i knew i'd be on my feet all day; i was planning to annihilate all of the shops.

this label lounge dress from four hundred years ago is totally comfy and was the perfect dress for all of the trying on i was planning to do, and because of the epic amounts of colours in the print, meant i could finally use my new handbag baby! this pretty little butter cream number made it's way to me during the week after i found it on sale over the weekend - joke's on them, because it's gone back up to full price now, muhaha!

i found this peachy cardi in the bottom of my cardi drawer - unworn and unloved, but the perfect addition to this spring time ensemble. am i right or am i right?

i am right.