w.i.w.t | hostess with the mostess

dress c/o new look | bag : asos | shoes* bhs | belt : primark | lipstick* rimmel lasting finish 110

so many shades of orange up in hurrr. so, on sunday i hosted my first and last dinner party in my flat. i've been in there a year, and i'm two weeks off leaving, so... it felt like it was now or never, you know? i had three of my favourite ladies around for four courses of cheese-based foods, and there was a lot of booze. well, it's not a dinner party without booze, am i right? i'd been planning it for monnnnths - since i won the come dine with furniture choice competition late last year in fact, and i had demanded a strict dress code of my guests; tea party attire. should be easy enough for me, right, as all i own is floral dresses. well, yeah, but... none of them were quite right.

i had in my mind that i wanted to wear a proper tea dress - i used to own a bunch of them from the store i used to work at back home called dotti, but even after trawling the archives that are facebook and tumblr, i literally cannot find one (decent) picture of me wearing my most favourite one ever. my throwback dress fit like a glove (until i washed it, then.. not so much.. ah, viscose) and had the prettiest print ever; big peach and apricot blooms on a lilac and cream background. it had adorable arm detail - kind of ruched up the arm, which was really flattering, a sweetheart neckline, and slight button detail down the chest. i was lighter, and had much less boobage, and this dress looked really smashing on. it was super flattering (i.e. it made me look skinnnaaaay), and it went with everything, so naturally i had it in an array of colours. none of them were more perfect than that one particular one though.

and that's what i wanted to wear to my dinner party. except, it met it's demise last year when i was back home and i realised it no longer fit; it made it's way to my teeny tiny friend louise for much more ease of wearing. i hope she's wearing it now actually. (lou lou? wear it for me please)

so, when i saw this gorgeous tea dress at new look - in the almost exact reverse of the one i used to adore so much, i wondered if it could be my new throwback dress. it certainly ticked a lot of the same boxes as it's predecessor: vintage tea dress, peach, apricot, lilac and cream in colour, cute arm detail, and super flattering (even if i'm no longer skinnnnaaaaay). so, it made it's debut at my tea-party party, and i happen to think it was a smash hit.

what say you? do you have a favourite dress that ticks all your boxes?
tell me about it in the comments below.