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16 May 2014

postcode pride with whistle and bango.

whistle and bango. postcode bangles from www.whistleandbango.com
"postcode pride" was a very new thing for me when i moved to london. not that i've never lived somewhere where people are so generally piled together, categorized and treated based on the area they live or grew up in, but back home, it was more a south vs north, east vs west, city vs country type malarkey. in london it's a whole new ballgame. i suppose the cult hits that are 'made in chelsea' and 'the only way is essex' really help drive home those competitive communities (if you can call them that), evidencing the way a group of people will perceive others based on their neighbourhood ("go back to dagenham, you slaaaaaag!", or, "she doesn't even live in chelsea, she's from fulham!" - for those playing at home, they're about a mile apart). it's all very...loyalist.
since i moved to london, i've only ever lived south east. when i meet and tell new people where i live, it's always the same three questions; 1. why? 2. how far from greenwich? 3. how do you get around without the tube? well, let me clear the air. 1. because it's green, spacious, and has great jerk chicken connections. 2. no, actually lewisham, if you really must know. 3. i get to work in 18 minutes without the aid of a stuffy tube or overcrowded bus; what's your journey like?
i've lived s/e for the last three years, and i love it. i'm quick to defend my 'ends' when people start the old postcode battle, but at the same time, i don't care or know enough about the 'cool codes' to really retaliate with much other than 'cool story bro'. so when i received a press release from chelsea it-girl ashley james' new brand whistle and bango promoting their new range of postcode bangles and info on how to vote for the next postcode to add to the collection, of course i voted se6 because of my own postcode pride (and maybe se1 too, because i love borough), and because it would be nice to see the south east as represented as some of the other niche codes are in the collection.
do you suffer from postcode pride too? what postcode will you vote for?

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  1. I vote SW19! When I lived in London people always used to say to me "you live in Zone 3?!!!" ... but I liked being that tiny bit further out, Wimbledon is such a lovely area and really self contained so at the weekends there was plenty do without hiking into central London. It was like living in London but not living in London ... bliss!

    Chloe x

  2. Oooooooh just checked and you can already get SW19! BRILLIANT :) I might get one, a little reminder of my days in London!

  3. Apparently E1 is coming at the end of the month, I've been waiting a while for it so that's exciting. E1 'til I die.

  4. I've only been to London once, but every area I went to I could tell the difference due to the people, some were not so nice really and others were wonderful. Quite funny how you get separated due to Post code really. I've watched the Made in Chelsea show and it puts me right off going there, let alone ever wanting to live there, haha!! x

  5. Ala Skrakowski16 May 2014 at 10:49

    SE14 all the way! And I feel your pain Erica, whenever I say I live in New Cross, I just get a bunch a blank faces so I have to describe how far from Peckham and Greenwich myself. Oh well, some things are best kept as secrets :) x

  6. I love it! I used to live in TW2, and then moved to N7, and then to E17. Happy memories of all those places, even E17! Haha. Now I live in New Orleans and of course nobody here has any idea that it matters what 'end' you're from.

    - www.glitterinthequarter.com

  7. N7 baby, N7!


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