w.i.w.t | hittin' the town

dress + crown : primark | belt : dotti | leather jacket : just jeans | boots : shusole | bag : asos

[sings] "saturday, saturday, saaaturday, saturday, saturday, saaaturday, saturday night's alright!"

i saw this pretty floral dress in primark (and all over the blogosphere) about one zillion years ago, but with the £15 price tag - let's face it, it was never going to be mine. until... it did become mine, of course. i found it a few weeks back, marked down to a fiver and gagging to be welcomed into my wardrobe of pretty-similar-looking dresses, and so it was. it's so pretty and perfect for spring, and for a fiver, well... you don't leave anything in primark for a fiver, do you? 

the quality is aces; much better than the majority of the stuff you find in primark. it's made from *that lovely lightweight, delicate but ever so stretchy polyester fabric that i can't think of the name for*crepe, but unlined (of course), so i did have a little trouble with the tights static (i wear my tights inside out so they're not shiny)(trust me). but, it's a really great length - slightly longer at the back than the front (but definitely not a high-low dress!), which meant my modesty was in tact all the live-long night! huzzah!

stupidly, i didn't try it on in-store and so ended up with the wrong size. i usually go up a size to allow for the boobage, but as this *fabric that i can't think of the name for* crepe has a slight give in it (no, it's not jersey!), it would have fit perfect in the right size. to compromise (as i didn't have time/couldn't be bothered to change the size), i put some quick darts in under the bust to pull it in a little, and wore my chunky waist belt over the top to hide the dodgy seams and  make it fit to size. i realllllllly loved the look. i might take it to a tailor for them to make it fit perfectly, as it's a total bargain of a dress, that i will definitely wear time and time again (the excess fabric around the boobs needs to go, and that's more than my hand-sewing can achieve i think).

to finish of the party look, of course i wore my glitter boots. they're actually pretty comfy, but i normally end up ditching them for flats by the end of the night. not this night; this night, i stayed on my feet, dancing, until the wee ours, without a care in the world. they're a bit battered, so i may have to replace them soon. i'll be getting the same again i think - from memory they were no more than £15 delivered from this shop i found on ebay, so a total bargain (i've had them since the work christmas party!).

can you help me remember the name of this fabric? i don't reckon it's muslin (thanks michelle), and it's not cotton weave (thanks hayley); it's lightweight, kinda rough to touch, but very delicate. it's got to be a poly blend, but the name of the fabric just will not come to me! i want to say 'organza!' but it's simply not organza.... is it? no, organza is shiny...  crepe! it's only bloody crepe! thanks for all the help guys!

maybe it is muslin? oh god, i don't know. does it even matter? 
no. probably not.