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25 September 2014

a birthday wishlist... of sorts

are you sick of hearing about my impending birthday yet? good! so many people have been asking what they can get me for my birthday, and - without sounding really aloof or nonchalant, i really don't want anything. i mean, i actually want for nothing, because i basically buy whatever i want, whenever i want it, making gifting me things really difficult. obviously.

but alas, i was thinking aloud about all the things i pin or clip or save in my many baskets and then never remember to buy, and figured maybe that would *do* as some sort of wish list post. what do you think? i mean, i hardly expect anyone to take notice, but... it's done now, isn't it?...

ah, marc jacobs. always with the new bottle colour that makes me want you. well, i've been lucky enough to have already received the new scent 'pink honey' this as a pre-birthday/thank you gift from dee who was staying with me this past week, so that can actually be ticked off. it smells divine, fyi. we all know i'm not really one for all the jewels, but as it's my thirtieth, i'd quite like something 'adult' to add to the collection. not that i'd know, but going to assume that this rose gold watch by thomas sabo would give me all the street cred and scene points i need to transition into full-time adult... and better still, it's totally pink too.

the hasbeens have been (ha) in my basket for far too long. i actually bought them, and sent them back because they're too narrow for me, so i suppose what i'm actually wishing for here is narrower feet. have fun with that, you guys. rebekah has some limecrime lippy that i'm allllways on the steal for, so, i guess that's a good enough reason to add this on too. and nail polish while we're at it because i've heard excellent things, and i'm too cheap to pay for postage. so.

ohhhh kate spade. the only brand i would genuinely want to spend all my money on, yet somehow manage to restrain myself from doing so every time i add something new and polka dotty to my basket. am in the market for a new purse, and this one's at the top of my list fo' sho'. when i tried to think practically about what i have that needs replacing and i can't bring myself to spend money on, it's the ginzing moisturising cream from origins. i received my current pot about six months (maybe more actually, probably closer to a year) in a goody bag, and it's sadly at the end of it's days. i once looked at the price to replace it (circa £20), and laughed. no. my £1 aqueous cream will continue to do quite nicely, thank you very much.

then there's the clothes. if there's one brand i adore window shopping in, it's dahlia. their flirty and feminine pieces are so right up my alley, and yet so far out of my budget. the sweet collared shirt and grey peplum skirt are just perfect for autumn office days, and that necklace! ugh! it's blody lovely. and, because i don't have enough black clothes (according to black's number one ambassador rebekah), i'm really digging this polka dotty, shifty, floaty number also. i love the intricate detail in the shoulder cut-a-way and the way it's brought together in the middle. pretty!

honourable mentions include the deep tissue massage my mum has given me money for that i am looking forward to receiving on saturday morning, and also the... eep... tattoo that i have booked in for sunday. i'm so brave! hopefully i don't die. that would suck for a birthday...

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  1. Ah too funny I just did a birthday wish list on my blog today!

  2. also Lime Crime Velvetines are amazing. I have red velvet and wicked.

  3. I want hasbeens! I've been considering ordering a pair, but now I'm a little nervous since they were so narrow for you.


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