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spend a penny, save a pound

sony headphones c/o legal and general

when the good folk over at legal and general asked me to think about what would be something i'd be happy to invest in over the cheaper alternative, i was really stumped. mostly because i don't invest in quality, ever. i'm the girl who has ten pairs of £10 shoes rather than one great £100 pair. the girl who buys her clothes on sale, and who loves a bogof deal at boots. who'll not buy without a voucher, or a discount, or a hook. i'm that girl. usually.

then i thought about the things i have spent money on, and have had break, thus proving my own stupid point; laptops, phones, luggage - all great *investments* at the time, but with use and wear, things that have still let me down over time. so what? what items would i be prepared to invest in over a cheaper alternative? what do i find myself replacing frequently, and cheaply, to make do?

answer: headphones. the ones that came with my phone busted long ago; branded samsung ones too. one of the sticky ear buddy bits was dislodged, then lost, then they were replaced with a set from ebay. then those were replaced with another set from ebay, and then those again. i'd surmise that within the last 18 months, i have replaced those original ones about four or five times. that's just not acceptable really. and when you consider they're between three and five pounds a set, i've potentially spent twenty quid on cheap ear buds.

so doesn't it make sense in this case, that a small investment up front could save a bit of time (without music) and money (my own) down the track? yes, it definitely does. do i did some research and found a set i would be prepared to spend some money on; these sony headphones* were a steal at less than £35 - free shipping and all, and are pretty, comfy, and i really hope, won't break on me and need replacing any time soon. i've only heard good things about sony as a techie brand, and these in particular are famed as 'dj quality' - i suppose if it's good enough for the professionals, then it should be just as good for me? so far, so good.

so tell me, what's something you'd consider investing in, to save some pennies down the line?


  1. I definitely invest in tech. I think it's silly to blow eg £600 on a laptop I'll replace when I can afford the one I really want. I've been thinking a lot about this since I want to upgrade my camera soon. I have no idea how I'm going to manage to afford anything but I keep thinking I might as well shoot for a 5D, because I have no doubt that I will eventually get one. And laptops may wear out, but I've had the same camera for six years and it's as good as new right now.

    Also, my coat. I invested in a coat I truly loved last year. I was sick of the two I'd had for the previous five. I need to bite the bullet already and ask my mom to ship that asshole to me.

  2. I always invest in a good pair of winter boots and coat. After all, it's the thing we wear the most in England!

  3. I'm really glad I invested in good vegan leather boots last year. I'd been buying a new pair of £20 New Look boots every year, and had to throw them away by the end of January because the sole would start coming off. I bought £70 Wills Shoes boots that I hope will last me years!


  4. Well tech stuff is the only thing that I would invest in. I also said "do" but I've needed a new computer for the past few years (It doesn't turn on unless it's plugged in to a socket...) and I still haven't. Basically I just hate spending money. Maybe I'll turn into an old miser like Scrooge McDuck minus the pool made of money. x

  5. I think technology is one of the few things I really invest in. Laptop, camera, headphones as well, I hate having to buy twice because I poorly invested the first time, I've made that mistake with a laptop before. Oooo and also winter boots! x

  6. omg yes. a coat.... that reminds me. i need a new coat.

  7. boots is such a good shout. although, i don't entiiirely budget shop for these, but they still always need replacing! #wornout

  8. you can swim among your broken trinkets instead!

  9. yes, boots is a theme! why didn't i think about boots! i did invest in a laptop, and it still lets me down constantly. there's no winning.

  10. Underwear. I can't be alone in this, right? I always invest in good bras...worth it in the long run? xx

  11. Ah I can not agree with you more. Headphones can be such a pain when you keep getting cheap ones so Im all for splurging a bit on that. I also really think anything technology related is totally worth it, which is why this time around I went for a Macbook.

  12. Headphones are definitely a good one - I really want a pair of these type, as I break mine so often! Definitely underwear as well, and the other place I like to spend is things like insurance, as I guess you get what you pay for.

  13. Technology and coats. I like this headphones I hate my in ear ones I have they hurt my ears! x


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