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16 September 2014

falling for layers

the good folks over at joe browns recently sent me this mythical moments skater dress and challenged me to figure out how to style it for autumn. the colour way is called 'ruby', so i was excited to get a head start on the burgundy palette, especially with this turn in the weather of late. the dress retails at like, forty quid - which is certainly a bit more than i would normally spend on a dress, but once it arrived, it was easy to work out why the price point is what it is.

the fabric is super top quality for a start. it's thick, heavyweight, and the pattern in the fabric is flocked and raised against the dress. there's no side zip or easy access, which makes it a bit difficult to get into, because the fabric doesn't have a lot of stretch in it - which is both good, and bad. it means it sits fitted against me, which is good, but as mentioned, is a bit tough to get into. see? bad. also, it's a bit ill fitting. i know, i know, change the record. but it's a little longer than i'm used to, and the waist is a lot lower too - so, it's not very flattering as it is.

which is why i've teamed it with a nice, thick jumper. the jumper will hide a multitude of sins, while keeping me warm and still showing off the pretty print and cut of the skirt. then, to defend against the longer length, i decided to pair it with my new leather chelsea boots* from new look. the added height in the heel is the perfect way to balance out the hemline, and to also lengthen the legs and ward of unwanted wet feet! to finish the layered look, i'd add my leather jacket, a wool fedora and a statement necklace to tie all the colours together. there's a tiny pink 'joe browns' love heart emblem on the left hem of the skirt that i'm super in love with, and which ties the hues of the necklace in perfectly.

so, maybe the whole thing is a little darker than what i'm used it, but i think it'll be perfect for fall. 
as soon as those leaves start to turn, i'm all about the darker colours!

what do you think of the outfit i've created - how would you style this dress?

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  1. Great outfit! I am in love with those boots! I'm looking forward to the colder weather now as I love layering up. xxx

  2. I fell in love with this dress the moment I found it in the catalogue! It's so beautiful!! Xx

  3. Gorgeous dress. I love layers in the Autumn time, great colours too :) x

  4. Oh I love that jumper. It's so PLAIN for me, but something is definitely drawing me towards it.

  5. This post makes me SO excited for autumn! I can't wait to start layering all over again! xx

  6. Ah that is adorable! I love the so well put together but doesn't look like it vibe. The wool sweater and leather jacket are a bit grunge but the accent necklace and the actual dress are so girly. Im digging this look.

  7. Ooh pretty! I'd probably style it very like this but with a black hat and no necklace :)

    Such a fab Autumn look! xx

    Little Miss Katy | Fun, Food & Fashion


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