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4 September 2014

w.i.w.t | it's my party, and i'll change if i want to.

dress* + shoes* : asos | crown: roses and clementines | stacker rings c/o joshua james

these shoes. they're sparkly! they came into my life recently on a whim; they were in asos' 75% off sale, and were like, pennies most likely (i don't really remember but they would have to have been right? i mean, i don't spend money on anything.)(i did have a voucher, to be fair.) so i had to buy them. right? well, that's what i did. and then i put them on instagram and the app broke. ok, well not really, but saaah many people loved them just as much as i did, and i knew i'd done the right thing. i love anonymous validation!

earlier in the week i posted what was going to be my birthday dress. but then these shoes happened. and now, i don't know. i mean, they're nude for crying out loud. nude. i suppose they're supposed to go with everything... and maybe they would with a naked leg? but, it's suddenly really cold and i suspect that by the end of the month (my birthday party day thing is on the 20th even though my birthday is on the 27th) it will definitely be cold, and i will definitely want tights. so now what?

oh, maybe this lacy number i picked up in yet another asos sale? yes, maybe. except, on camera the underlay is really pale; almost white. it's more nude in real life! i just don't know anymore... sleeves and black is more sophis(ticated) for a birthday, but maybe this is too much? i just don't know what the plans are that day, which makes it hard to dress for...  

maybe i'll do the old switcheroo half way into the day, just to keep people guessing?
which outfit do you prefer...halp!

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  1. Ah my birthday is on the 28th and you're right it always does get chilly by the time our birthdays come around. I will say that Im glad Im not crazy I always put alooooot of stock into what my birthday outfit is going to be. like probably too much I think it drives people crazy but it has to be perfect amiright?

  2. Love this outfit! I think you should do a switcheroo. Pink and black floral for day, black lace and sparkly shoes for evening.

    Cos if you can't wear 2 outfits on your won birthday when the heck can you!! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  3. I really like this outfit, but I think a switch for a day and night outfit would be cool - unless that means having to lug a load of change of clothes things around with you (never fun).

  4. thanks Jamie! I rarely wear black so when I do it's a bit of a novely :D

  5. I think you're right, and I think I will! thank you for the props I needed! x

  6. you're so right. <3


  8. BASICALLY! God I love you. is that too much too soon?


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